30 December 2006

For the last time this year....


  • Carla Rolfe missed the Pyro Christmas party. We missed her, too.
  • Jeff Mobley thought Dan Phillips's post titled "The day God tabernacled—for keeps" was a winner. We're pleased to be Jeff's first Technorati hit.
  • Rick Ianiello called that post of Dan's his favorite this year. Then Rick reposted a string of posts arguing against Dan's cessationist position.
  • Mark Jurries was encouraged by Frank's retelling of the Christmas story from Scripture on the day before the day before the night before Christmas.
  • Jon "Junction" Thorsen at "The Search for Purpose" recently discovered TeamPyro, and he has linked to us a few times since we first BlogSpotted him. His blog is almost always a good read.
  • Tim Challies, Scott Welch, and more people than we can count linked to Dan's "Four Faces" post. It's one of our most-linked posts ever, and a good one. If you missed it because of the holidays—or even if you already read it—it's worth another look.
  • Andrew Comings, from balmy Brazil, was touched by my Christmas wish, and even reiterated it in his own way.
  • Colin Adams, from Edinburgh, gave some excellent links for preachers, all wonderful helps for taking one's mind off a persistent sinus infection. Just what I needed.
  • Jeff Wright desperately tries to score some points with one of his profs.
  • Laura at "Three Times A Mom" has a fascinating fish story and an ingenious cure that will resurrect a floating, bloated goldfish.
  • Mathew Sims reviews Roger Olson's Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities. He includes a link to Gary Johnson's guest-blogger review here at PyroManiacs.
  • Our friend Matthew Rupert at "From the Morning" still doesn't get it. He figures my disapproval of a certain hirsute, shirtless pop-singer's costume as regular attire for worship services means "ugly people" wouldn't be welcome at my church.

  • OK, this is really old, but it just popped up on Technorati. (Perhaps the post was recently edited, but this 271-day-old link actually showed up on Technorati at the top of a list which Technorati claims is "sorted by freshness. Wow.) Anyway, The Western Seminarian quotes me quoting a commenter at Challies. The "Seminarian" posts anonymously and even seems deliberately mysterious about what denomination he belongs to (one suspects he is an Episcopalian and embarrassed about it); but he nevertheless has some good things to say.
  • Speaking of old stuff that just now popped up on Technorati, Donette at "Our Corner of the World" wondered back in November if the mere mention of PyroManiacs would get her BlogSpotted. It didn't—until now. Donette has some nice things to say about our blog, but she seems to think we go overboard with the distinctive look of some of our "artwork."

    May 2007 be filled with blessings for you.
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    MTR said...

    I still wonder... Would ugly people be allowed? :-)

    (I really do like you guys....)

    Carla Rolfe said...

    Happy New Year from all of us various assorted sizes of Rolfes, to all the Pyros and their families.

    May you each be blessed abundantly, in the coming year.

    candy said...

    I had almost forgotten that leathery overtan shirtless picture until you brought it up again. shudder.

    ricki said...

    I like Dan. I find him to be very Biblical. He possesses a great ability to expound on Scripture in way that even I can understand, remember, and be challenged by.

    I just don't share all of his conclusions and I simply had to learn to not get defensive. Once I learned to do that, he became favorite Pyro. No offense intended to the rest - I like you all.

    DJP said...

    Challies (A) said my name (B) right.

    Now the year can end.

    Kim said...

    I don't have favourite Pyro. You guys are all interesting, challenging and funny in different ways. I don't think I could take if you were all in the same room. I'd be exhausted from laughing, being challenged and getting mad enough to throw tomatoes. However, Phil and Pecadillo come equipped with Darlene, so they have a wee edge. Mind you, DJP cooks pizza. Frank, do you have any domestic skills? Oh yeah! you read minds. Nope; there's no way I could say one is a favourite.

    I wish all the gents who oversee this fine space a great New Year. And thanks for continually teaching me many things. Know that I regularly pray for you, especially the one who finds himself in the path of the bad guys on a regular basis.

    Ebeth said...

    May you have a blessed 2007 also.

    Unknown said...

    Thanks for the kind words Phil. And thanks even more for all the great original content! :-)

    Colin Adams said...


    Just to say, thanks for the link (you guys MUST get lots of traffic!). Hope that sinus infection has cleared up!

    The Western Seminarian said...

    :) 'The New Blogger' means that I can add 'topics' to my old posts, effectively 'rejuvinating'them to Techorati. Look for a permenant Pyro-link on my page in the next day or so, as I need a link with your spicy/hot flavor. And as far as denomination, I may or may not have been 'outed'. The point is to keep plausible deniability, so that I can say WHATEVER I think, and pick on any denomination, group, et cetera that I want. Unfortunately, in the faith business, the circles can be very small.