18 October 2009

2 things briefly

by Frank Turk

[1] Apparently the on-line presence for First Things has gotten a little skiddish about its rep as being pro-Catholic, and they have started a new group blog called "Evangel".

[2] They are in fact so urgently-interested in loosening up their collar (so to speak) they will let almost anyone in.



Al said...

Frank Turk, a cure for the skittish... I hope they don't find the salve worse than the burn.

al sends

CGrim said...

Ah! Can The Gospel Coalition get to Tim Challies before First Things does?

FX Turk said...

Challies is a juggernaut. Gospel Coalition will get swallowed up by him if it doesn't watch out.

John Notestein said...

Well, they haven't moved too far from Catholics. I noticed an ad for the Catholic film "The 13th Day" at the top of the page.

LanternBright said...


A reference to that particular one-hit wonder in something associated with First Things might be the LAST thing I ever expected to see.

Apart from a Fin Fang Foom pictu...ah, nevermind.

Well played, Frank--Very well played indeed.