05 November 2014

Election Results, 2014

by the Late Frank Turk

This is a brief note to you all about what just happened in the United States. Sorry to bore our international friends.  It is a reprint of a classic from November 2011.

There were no surprises last night, least of all to God. This seems like a really hackneyed point of God's sovereignty, but I think that those thinking that are not really thinking very hard.

See: when Barack Obama was elected president, God wasn't surprised. His plan wasn't sent into a tailspin -- not for the U.S., and not for the grand scheme to glorify himself and save people. But many of our dear friends were very undone by the election of President Obama -- and today I think we will see many of others outdone by the results from yesterday.  Some may in fact put too much confidence in those results; others will despair too much.

That doesn't mean it doesn't matter how you voted or how you should vote. What it does mean is that we cannot trust in salvation through politics. We also cannot trust in salvation through our nation.

We have to trust in a salvation which actually addresses our true danger, a salvation which saves us from what we are actually dying from. This is what God is working on.

And those are the election results we should be focused on.

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Luke Wolford said...

Thanks for the reminder. We need this both when "our side" loses and when it wins.