21 November 2014

Some here, some there — November 21, 2014

by Dan Phillips

Here's the first burst. I'll start some major adds after my Bible etc. reading, so check back. Priorities!

  • I go to Doug Wilson's site daily. But it may be a week, two or three, before something grabs me. Then when Doug's in the ten-ring, he is just In. The. Ten. Ring. Like this brilliant takedown of Greg Boyd.
  • Friends don't let friends indulge their revulsion against God's sovereignty. See Pinnock. See Boyd. See a host of others.
  • It often seems to be the case that when Doug is brilliant, he's brilliant by clusters. So the above was followed soon thereafter by Remanded to Sensitivity Camps, which is, well, brilliant. It's a thought from the same seedbed as this post, which even Challies admitted seeing.
  • Which makes it hard not also to recall:
  • Pause to reflect on the commentary that subsequent history added to both Tweets.
  • Now, to be fair: if anyone knows of any retractions and apologies — which is to say, any welcome deviations from PA#2 — let me know so that I can share.
  • Not related, and not theological, but still fairly awesome.
  • To us:
  • To the Pope:
  • In between? Don't know.
  • Used to be that Multnomah Press was a sure sign of Biblically-faithful Christian books. No longer. But in a rarity, the publisher is splitting into two labels, to deal with conservative titles and those that aren't so much. They're being up-front with buyers, that some of their titles are going away from Biblical fidelity. You know, just like Eerdmans, Baker, and Zondervan didn't.
  • Remember how Houston's lesbian mayor Annise Parker was seeking sermons and correspondence from some local pastors touching on homosexuality, her conduct in office, related matters? Remember how her legal team launched it, she doubled down, then she retracted? Turns out it seems to be ongoing.

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Tom Chantry said...


(Site may have unsavory side-column images.)

I clicked that link (not for the unsavory images but for the story, honestly) and the first side-column image I saw was a picture of Bill Nye, 'Science' Guy!

FX Turk said...

I remember when Hither and Thither was funny and light-hearted. Today I feel like the ghost of Christmas Present has been dragging me around, and it wasn't good.

However: it was edifying.

LanternBright said...

Doug Wilson on Greg Boyd: "He is a hep cat of smooth jazz theology, lip-syncing the role of a wilderness prophet."


DJP said...

AH yes, Hither and Thither. That thing that this isn't and never claimed to be.

You know, as you go on in life, you'll find that a great many things are not very like things that they are not.

Like squash and Blue Bell ice cream, for instance. Very unalike.

Joe Selness said...

I have listened to a large number of Greg Boyd's sermons (pretty much every one from 1992-2005) and saw in time-lapse his shifting theology. Helpful (and very questionable) phrases became foundational themes. He is a master of overlaying his feelings on top of the text, then reverse-engineering the appropriate hermeneutic and theology to make Scripture "support" his feelings.

DJP said...

Joe, very deftly-put and worth emphasis: overlaying his feelings on top of the text, then reverse-engineering the appropriate hermeneutic and theology to make Scripture "support" his feelings.

Sadly, he's not alone in this.

Robert said...

I hope that for Dr. Moore, the in between included serious discussion of who is anathema.

I wonder if the split at Multnomah is strictly to pacify the conservatives instead of just saying they have nor problem distributing and profiting from the sales of liberal, God-hating texts. I say this because we need to be honest in saying that liberal theology is just hatred of God and the binding authority of His Word.

With the Annise Parker story, I don't get how people think that letting men into women's bathrooms and vice versa doesn't mean bathrooms would become unsafe because "Sexually predatory acts are still illegal, which will protect women from men who choose to use their bathrooms". What world do these people live in?

That article by Heath Lambert was much more helpful than most anything I have read on reparative therapy. I think he gets it right.

Wilson's article on Boyd is good...but some of those comments had me wanting to pull my hair out.

David Alves said...

After reading through all of Wilson's posts on the topic, the initial post by Greg Boyd (well, I suffered through that one), I shall simply reiterate here what I posted on Facebook: Reading Greg "God doesn't know the future" Boyd on inerrancy gives me new appreciation for Paul's statement in Titus 1:9 that false teachers should be gagged.

That is all. Except this: My prayers go out for repentance and revival, which is to say glad submission to all His Word.

donsands said...

Every time I read, or see Doug Wilson I think of Christopher Hitchens, and how this brother reached out to this man, and befriended him, and shared the Gospel with him. What an example of true evangelism.

You out did yourself again brother with this post. Tons of good stuuf to read and be edified with, and learn, and grow in the truth and love of our Savior.

Thanks! Have a great Turkey Day with your fam. I thank our Lord with all my heart for the Cross, and that is above all else in this world, and shall ever be the greatest glory of our God and Father. How I love Him.

Here's some lyrics for you I was listening to tonight on Spotify:

"Can you tell me? Please don't tell me
It really doesn't matter anyhow
It's just that the thought of us so happy
Appears in my mind as a beautifully mysterious thing"