18 November 2014

Here, let me help you help yourself

by Dan Phillips

FirstWe get inquiries all the time like "What is an RPB?" and "Have you written on ____?" I'm here to help you with that.

We know readers (surely!) don't expect us to drop everything and do their searching for them, or re-write what we've already put out in public. But perhaps they lack some skills for finding the information they're after fairly easily, themselves.

Here's the easiest way to do it, as simply as I can put it. Let's say you're asking "What's an RPB?"
  1. Go to Google.
  2. In the Search field, type RPB site:teampyro.blogspot.com.
  3. Click on the Google Search button, and voila! there's your answer.
You can use that formula for any other word or topic. Just substitute prophecy or schmerodactyl whatever for RPB in the example, above.

If you're using Chrome, it's even easier. If the address field above doesn't already say teampyro.blogspot.com, then just click on our banner at the top and it will. Then stick in RPB site: to the left of the address, and do your search from there.

In either case, Google will search for the word or words you type to the left of "site." If you want to search for an exact phrase, put it in quotation-marks, like so:

"leaky canon" site:teampyro.blogspot.com

SecondWe also get, "Do you have an email address?"

Well, of course we do. And they're public-knowledge.

Click on our names in the side-column. Frank's takes you to a page that lists an email address. Mine takes you to my personal blog where, in the side column, you'll actually see a link that says "My profile, email, the whole nine." Which is kind of a giveaway

This is partly to help you, and partly to save Frank and myself time, so...

You're welcome!

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FX Turk said...

Yes, but do you have a blog?


Michael Coughlin said...

This post offers no help in contacting Phil or Charles Spurgeon.

Joshua said...

But it's not till page 2 of Google results before you find the meaning of "WYWTWIWYWTT". Nobody ever looks at page 2.

Call to Die said...

I'm so happy to see schmerodactyls once again mentioned on this blog.

Randy Talley said...

Oh, and are you going to start live webcasting the blog updates?

Jay said...

Oh, goody. Dan now does tech support too! Here's my question:

How do I go to Google? My IE6 browser keeps sending me to Yahoo! instead when I start it. Can you please help me get to this thing called Google, whatever that is?


DJP said...


1. Go to "Add/Remove Programs"...

David Regier said...

Here is a link to help out those who had trouble with your instructions.


David Regier said...

Here is a link to help out those who had trouble with your instructions.


Jay Budzilowski said...

you guys should do a podcast :P

donsands said...

But have you ever written on the doctrine of "did Adam have a navel"?

BTW, I have been blessed for many years with Pyro, and my bloggin' days have slacked off for my FB way of interacting with the church, and the world, and the worldly-church.

But i do stop by here still, and it is gold. Thank you brothers for keppin' it goin'.

I listened a song that had some interesting words the other day:

"I know it's hard for you to
Change your way of life
I know it's hard for you to do
The world is full of people
Dying to be free
So if you don't my friend
There's no life for you, no world for me"

Lord bless you bro, and bless Cent, and Pyro. To our Lord be ALL the glory!

DJP said...

Indeed, where do we go from here?

You know the great ones, Brother Don.