13 February 2015

Some Here, Some There — February 13, 2015

by Dan Phillips

Because my dear and only daughter squawks if I don't have one up by midnight (and I can't have that), here's a first edition. There will be additions up to noon, Texas time, as usual.
  • Hokey smokes! David Murray (aka The Jolly Scotsman) shares an amalgamation of >500 online preaching resources.
  • Adam Parker talks about how right, normal, and Biblical it is for a man to long for male friendship. Does not talk about how to find it.
  • Here's the Director's Cut, so to speak, of the most recent sermon in the Ephesians series. It failed to record, so I re-preached it (with my lovely wife comprising the audience at church), and as they say considerably revised and extended my remarks. It closes Ephesians 1:4-6, giving fourteen reasons why election must be unconditional, plus doing some questions and answers about predestination, election, free will, evangelism, and more.
  • It's been suggested that this be added to the next Pyro conference. To which I say: noted.
  • Background on the Crusades from Kevin DeYoung.
  • Unicorns in the Bible? Um... hunh.
  • Hungry? You will be.
  • Left off one obvious best bacon meal, though. The one that's...

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Tom Chantry said...

Thank you for the link.

I was thinking about it later in the week, and I remembered that it was Phil - here on this blog - who alerted me to the need to stand on your opinions and own them in the internet age. He made a comment I could never find again (I think it was in a meta) about pastors who hide behind pseudonyms. His point was not that there is never a place for pseudonyms, but rather that those who are called to promote the truth need to be open about their allegiances.

The internet feeds our egos in so many ways. We crave "likes," and conversely we find ways to hide from criticism. The heralds of the gospel can do better.

AJM said...

One of the reasons I like teampyro, its writers and commenters is I know where and on what they stand.
I long for the day when authors , writers, preachers, pastors etc will declare their allegiances to a long list of things. I want them to tell me, up front, what they believe about abc..xyz and 123 ...x.
Thank you for reminding us what Phil said "own your opinions."

REM said...

So, Dan, on Edwards, is the following true:
What the Bible says in 50 words, Calvin explains in 500 and some Puritans obscure in 5,000? Or is it more how they expound than the # of words?

FX Turk said...

REM --

I know you didn't ask me, but I always find Calvin, in his exposition, to have a pretty keen thrift of words. It's his systematic theology that gets wildly verbose.

FX Turk said...

Chantry --

You have never been that kind of Puritan.

Marla said...

Ah, yes, my all-time favorite: Why being an IT guy is better.... I appreciate my pastors, and having been to several churches where problems have arisen, I now pray for them weekly (if not more often). A good pastor is a treasure, and there are not enough of them.

briand1 said...

I disagree with you on almost everything Pastor Phillips but I do tend to gravitate to this blog on a daily basis. This series of some here some there is my favorite. You have a unique view, when I think I have you figured out you show me wrong. That is a compliment. I also admit I have been angry with this blog and on two occasions have said somewhat disrespectful comments and I apologize for that. I also envy folks here, you are just so sure and convinced of what you believe.

I was like that many moons ago. That is all somewhat irrelevant, my main point, I thought and spoke angry of you and yours and that is not ok, so I apologize. Take care Brian.