24 February 2015

Sufficient Fire conference audio and video are available

by Dan Phillips

In case you missed the announcement Friday, Copperfield Bible Church, and the volunteers who worked on the conference, have now made available the audio and video from the Sufficient Fire conference sessions, both the talks and the panels.

Click on the graphic.

Everyone who came had a wonderful time — sessions, giveaways, fellowship, worship. Maybe some will share. It was terrific meeting some of our longtime readers.

All of my brothers' talks were stellare. But Phil's opening session was particularly wonderful, and Frank's second session is one my dear wife and I plan to listen to again and again — stirring, convicting, instructive. Just wonderful.

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Southern Dreaming said...

Frank's two talks were excellent, outstanding. Actually I have listened to almost everything offered and they are all worth hearing. Thanks for all the hard work and for making the conference available to us poorer and non traveling folk.

Randy Talley said...

Everything about the conference was wonderful. Praise and thanks to the Lord for the amazing teaching, music, fellowship, and volunteers.

I have already sent the link to my church's email list, and the downloads to my iPad will likely happen today.

So the next one will be... when?

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for making these available for those of us on fixed incomes. My husband and I are savoring them, and I emailed the link to my Charismatic friends after only listening to Session 1. This is great stuff! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tim said...

Thank you for posting these for listening. My wife and I have heard the first two and look forward to the others.
Northfield, MN

Merrilee Stevenson said...

Thank you all for making these freely available. I plan to listen to them all this weekend, and I'll definitely share!