12 March 2015

How to search for articles on Pyromaniacs

by Dan Phillips

We get asked to find old posts for folks often enough that I conclude the following not to be common knowledge. So, I share.

Google has a terrific feature that lets you search sites. Basically, you just enter whatever terms you want to search, applying normal search rules, then a space, then site:{blog URL}. As simple as that.

So it looks like this. If I want to find that post that has something to do with paper pastors, and know that's an exact phrase in the post, I would do and receive the following:

If you enclose in quotation-marks, it will search the exact phrase. If you don't, it will search all the words. Just like normal Googling.

You're welcome. And thank you!

PS — I've now added a link to this on the Sidebar. Because otherwise, one day you'll think, "I want to find an old Pyro article. Let's see... they did a post on how to do that once... um... somewhere..."

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Kevin said...

So was your tweet I saw on the sidebar referring to this?

Gurnall: "Thou must bestow some time for thy diligent search after truth. Truth lies deep, and must be digged for."

DJP said...

LOL; no, that's the Bible.

This is just a blog.


(But it has Bible in it!)

Larry Geiger said...

Labels are useful also, though not as specific.

Michael Coughlin said...

I think the link on the side should be update to this one.

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