13 March 2015

Some Here, Some There — March 13, 2015

by Dan Phillips

Here y'go. Updates through noon, TX time.
  • Over at the indispensible (I keep telling you that) DBTS blogJohn Aloisi fills in popular gaps about Patrick, missionary to Ireland.
  • God gave cats a lot of the 'tude quotient of the animal kingdom. Deal with it.
  • So much damage has been done by incomplete and false repentance, and by confessions that aren't really confessions, that you will want to bookmark this fine essay by Doug Wilson. Anymore, I find I have to listen to confessions like a lawyer reads a document.
  • Ah, Christianity Today.
  • It's sad. When I was a young Christian, Christianity Today was a terrific magazine, with substantive articles and book reviews and all. And even then, in the 70s, it wasn't fully what it had been. Then came embrace of female preachers, shoddy handling of the days of creation... and it's been downhill since.
  • Now some female writer tried to redeem the monstrous Margaret Sanger. In Christianity Today!
  • Thankfully, the indispensable Denny Burk tersely notes that "Sanger’s legacy has a body-count," and pretty thoroughly fisks the CT article. Denny's piece features many quotables... and the meta isn't even too bad! (Yet.)
  • Doug Wilson writes about the same issue, noting that the pro-aborts "disproportionately target black boys and girls — with the connivance of black quislings", and that "they have a kill rate much higher than that of the Ferguson Police Department." He adds that, "as bad as Sanger was, she wasn’t as ghoulish as her heirs are."
  • Check out what William Gurnall has to say to those who choose to sleep during sermons.
  • Bacon donut hot dog. That is all.
  • For good reason, at one point, Stan Gale did not want a funeral to be held when he died. But now, for good reasons, he's changed his mind.
  • No, the order of the last two items is not meant to send a message.
  • Me, I'd like one. Not for dueling hagiographies, but to give "me" one last chance to preach Christ, in the person of whoever does the funeral preaching Christ. Funerals are, or should be, a great opportunity (Eccl. 7:1-4).
  • Here's a post from 2009 about paper pastors vs. local church pastors.
  • Here's a post from this month about podcast preachers vs. local church pastors.
  • BTW, in case you didn't notice: I posted on one of my "off" days, telling how to search Pyro for past articles.
  • If the Lord doesn't come first, one day I'll die. I just don't want to die in a dumb way.
  • Aimee Byrd commends a book offering help and encouragement to women who have suffered a miscarriage.
  • The popular atheist dodge-topic of slavery in the Bible receives a treatment by Fred Butler.
  • Concluding with one of my very favorite Po-Motivators:

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FX Turk said...

Anyone reading that CT article ought to scroll down into the comments and read the two comments by the guy who used to blog here.

The one that Hitler said would disgrace us all.

Anonymous said...

An angel spoke to me while I was watching Creflo on TBN and told me that the bungee-crocodile clip was definitely real, and definitely not a commercial for Foster's beer. So, case closed.

Jim Pemberton said...

Al Mohler had a good commentary on the CT article on The Briefing today.

Regarding cats with 'tude: my cat plays fetch and likes to serve as a head rest when I'm at my home desk. She also likes to text my son's girlfriend on his laptop when he hangs out in my office and leaves it unattended. Best cat ever. I think I'll treat her a bacon donut hotdog.

Ken Abbott said...

I suppose one ought at least to thank RHE for complying with Machen's charge to the liberal to be honest enough to depart.

Daniel said...

. When I was a young Christian, Christianity Today was a terrific magazine, with substantive articles and book reviews and all.

Just. How. Old. Are. You ....?


lee n. field said...

"Just. How. Old..."

That was a while ago. Youngster.

(I remember Cornelius van Til on the cover, one issue.)

aslannn said...

What's the deal with these three-named Rachel's? They are besmirching a perfectly good and biblical name.

DJP said...

There's more than one?

semijohn said...

@Turk: Did I miss an announcement or something?

Or was this the announcement?

Unknown said...

Well said, Mr. Turk! I had started to scroll through the comments on that CT article earlier but had to stop when my head banging on the table woke the baby. I'm glad I went back; I'll be stealing from what you wrote gratuitously when I argue this with my weird unitarian friend later.

Ed Dingess said...

You might want to take that cat video out as it turns into some pretty vile language.

DJP said...

"No kitty no" is not vile. If you mean that someone who watches a second video might see something offensive, I suppose that's possible, regrettably. It's YouTube. I only present the one video.

semijohn said...

Maybe Ed had autoplay on and didn't realize it. Happened to me before.

semijohn said...

Maybe Ed had autoplay on and didn't realize it. Happened to me before.

Jim Pemberton said...

That's why I turn autoplay off. Some of the material it links to is as bad as or worse than the old bathroom wall, aka YouTube's "comments" sections.

Burrito34 said...

Re: Folks who fall asleep in Church. Please be gracious to us who work rotating shift schedules. Some of us really want to be there but sometimes the body is just dog tired.

DJP said...

I'm sure Gurnall would. "Things That Can't Be Helped" is a category by itself. Sleepy because it wasn't important enough to get to bed at a decent hour is not sleepy because I worked graveyard and yet didn't want to miss church. Late this week because there was a pile-up on I-10 is different from late every week because it just isn't important enough to me to be a responsible priest by being there to worship with my church family when my family worships.

semijohn said...

I had no idea what autoplay was and did not knowingly do anything to turn it on when it just happened one day when I was on youtube, and it took me a moment to figure out what happened.

semijohn said...

Frank, if you're "used to blog here comment" means what I think it means, then best wishes and happy trails to you. And please play nice with Chantry.

Unknown said...


I think Frank's talking about Phil Johnson.

DJP said...

Everybody's talking about Phil Johnson.

semijohn said...

Oh. Excuse me.

I saw Frank's comments on CT, which were very good. I assumed from those that he was talking about himself.