06 March 2015

Some Here, Some There — March 6, 2015

by Dan Phillips

Small start; expect updates through noon, TX time:
  • Sigh.
  • Holy mackerel. I thought we had a couple of funny things happen on our honeymoon. But those were nothing, nothing. You have got to read professor David Murray's hair-raising tale of his "worst ever" honeymoon. If you don't gasp and yelp a couple of times, check for a pulse.
  • Then there was this picture, crying out for a caption. I heeded the call:
  • Pastoral morale tip: are you about to share a "concern" with your pastor, something about something he's done or said, or hasn't done or said? Fair enough, and often very needed, and very appreciated. But also ask yourself: have you ever told him that you learned something — anything? — from him doing what he pours his life and soul into? Learned anything, been helped or encouraged, been reproved or corrected... anything? Isn't that also fair enough?
  • Pastoree morale tip: brother pastor, are you about to speak a word of exhortation, correction, or even rebuke to one of your dear ones? Fair enough, and a crucial part of your calling. But remember that whatever you say, however you intend it, will be heard as about 5-10X more intensely-said than you meant it. So isn't it best to assume a tender heart and conscience, and err on the side of grace, gentleness, and kindness? Sort of a Matthew 7:12 type deal? Isn't that also fair enough?
  • On pastoring, here's a worthy word from William Gurnall, who's in the course here of warning pastors against being accessory to their flock's ignorance which, he says, a pastor can become...
By his unedifying preaching, when he preacheth unsound doctrine, which doth not perfect the understanding, but corrupt it. Better he did leave them in simple ignorance, than colour their minds with a false dye, or when that he preacheth is frothy and flashy; no more fit to feed their souls, than husks the prodigal’s belly, which, when they know, they are little wiser for their soul’s good. Or when his discourses are so high flown that the poor people stand gazing, as those who have lost the sight of their preacher, and at the end of the sermon cannot tell what he would have. Or those who preach only truths that are for the higher forms of professors, who have their senses well exercised, excellent may be for the building of three or four eminent saints in the congregation; but in the meantime, the weak ones in the family, who should indeed chiefly be thought on, because least able to guide themselves, or carve for themselves, these are forgotten. [William Gurnall and John Campbell, The Christian in Complete Armour (London: Thomas Tegg, 1845), 118.]
  • Someone in Facebook loaded this:
  • To which I — NO FAN of the NIV, as you well know — replied:
  • When this, plus some simple statement of facts and logic, did not seem to penetrate, (— does it ever, with KJV-onliers?) I created this:

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LanternBright said...

I need to start prefacing my compliments to my pastor that way. "Bill, I'm deeply concerned about what you said today, because it's brilliant and obvious and I should've known it all along!"

FX Turk said...

You mean pastors should love their people, and people be lovable?

Does Paul ever say that?

If so, why is that somehow one of his lesser sayings when it is probably the most practical thing he says to anyone ever in the NT?

I mean: iF Paul says that someplace.

Michael Coughlin said...

I'm starting to think Frank says more when he asks questions than when he makes statements.

Jim Pemberton said...

Regarding many pastors being accessories to their flocks' ignorance, I often wonder when I encounter a church that is filled with spiritually immature people that this isn't the case. Individual congregation members have a responsibility to participate in their own spiritual growth, even where God has provided that growth in part through the preaching and shepherding of their pastor. However, when a pastor practices maintaining a peaceful atmosphere by capitulation on spiritual instruction, meeting the budget by appeasing the immature sensibilities of the wealthier individuals in the congregation, or padding the pews with the unregenerate by fearing that the conviction of the Holy Spirit will drive them away, then that pastor is unfit for the office.

jbboren said...

Hot air balloons are cool. But who's the Swedish guy on the balloon?

Unknown said...

Wonderful post!!! I think this is the only thing I ever agreed with Vice president Biden over!!!

Question: Who are the ones that need to answer in The Gospel Coalition? Like Benny Hinn at The Strange Fire Conference, I don't get it. I have read a number of things for example that Carl Trueman has wrote in concerns to The Gospel Coalition but this week significant members of TGC members are joining him. NO I AM NOT SAYING CARL IS DUPLICITOUS OR ANY FOOLISHNESS OF THE SORT! I'm just really confused on who should be speaking up for them? Does anyone know?

Marla said...

Poor Rob Bell, he's just asking questions... SMH. Excellent rebuttal by Adam Parker.

The SSM issue is going to be divisive. No one ever wants to be told they're wrong. Nothing new, except now telling ppl they're wrong is hate speech. SMH.

Anyway -- another good one Dan. On the KJV only -- just another example of 'my mind's made up, don't confuse me with facts'. That attitude is becoming an epidemic. I don't have a lot of confidence in the 20something generation. They really seem to lack think-and-reason skills.

I guess I'm just a pessimist today.

Benjamin said...

Can you flesh out that "Sigh" for us? I mean, I see your sympathies with the author's point that TGC fails at both self-criticism and receiving external criticism, but his real punchline is "...so those jerks at TGC need to include more evolutionists and Arminians!" That whole article left me feeling... well, the same way I always feel when I read McKnight's blog. Feugh.

Dan said...

Boy, those guys at JesusCreed sure don't like TGC much do they? Do a search of TGC or anyone associated with TGC sometime.

Michael said...

The reason I would link to the Creed article in my blog would be to say, "When even those consensual christianityites can correctly point out the very unfortunate failings at the GC ..." Sigh. And maybe Aaargh!

Unknown said...
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Reforming Guy said...

Hey, I fought to keep Denny's comments from being totally worthless. Hard when some people won't follow an argument.

jmb said...

Caption for Joe Biden photo: "Maybe if I go to Oz, I can get one."