07 October 2006

Busy Week Ahead

by Phil Johnson

     don't normally post my speaking schedules and travel plans here on the blog. But this week, I'm going to make an exception, because I want to invite all PyroManiacs readers within driving distance of the Tampa Bay area to the second annual Brandon Biblical Theology Conference where I'll be speaking this coming Thursday and Friday.

Chris Pixley, who occasionally posts comments here at the blog, pastors the host church, and he will be speaking, too. So will Robert Reymond, who probably doesn't post on any blogs anywhere, but who has given us one of the finest systematic Theology texts in recent years. I'm eager to hear him.

As you can tell from the graphic on the right, the theme is the Trinity. Click on the image for more information, or click here for the conference brochure in .pdf format.

Even apart from the Brandon conference, I have a jam-packed schedule this week. Virtually every missionary supported by Grace Community Church will be in San Diego for our church's biennial missionary conference. I'll be leading a seminar Monday on ministry in postmodern times, and I'll give a short update to the missionaries on Tuesday about Grace to You, our international outreach, and the new "Grace to You" television broadcast.

In the past these missionary conferences have taken place at various locations on the foreign mission field. They are wonderful opportunities to connect with our missionaries all at once, and to keep them informed about what's going on at Grace Church, what evangelical issues and theological trends we are concerned or encouraged about, and give them a time of rest and fellowship together.

This year, however, the get-together is close to home because Sunday is Grace Church's 50th Anniversary Celebration. So it's a big week and promises to be a memorable one. If I'm mostly silent on the blog, you will understand.

But before I go, how about a little BlogSpotting?

That's all the links I have time for this week. Please keep me in your prayers while I'm traveling this week, and if I get an opportunity to make a post or two from the road, I'll do it.

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Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary to your church for all the great ministry you’ve accomplished.

…while trying to prove you know what…

David said...

Wow, thanks Phil - I didn't know I was world-famous. Could you send a note about that to my kids, maybe that would impress them!
David, aka Jollyblogger

candy said...

How wonderful to be a part of a church that celebrates 50 years! I totally enjoyed checking out the pictures.

Evangelical books said...

"Thanks" Phil, for blogspotting me, now I can expect trouble on my blog.

Phil, when will you be visiting the Met Tab?

Phil Johnson said...

Jenson, I'll be in the UK the first week of December. On the weekend, I'll be speaking at a men's conference in Kent. I probably won't be able to get to the Met Tab for a regular service (unless my Sunday evening turns out to be unscheduled and I can work out a way to get there from Kent in time for the evening service). I also have a board meeting in London later that week. My schedule for the rest of the week isn't fully clear yet, but I hope to be able to stop by and visit Dr. Masters during while I'm in the UK.

JackW said...

Phil, according to my GTY podcast, you're going to be talking election with John MacArthur Thursday and Friday ... the wonders of technology, no?

Ken Silva said...


Thank you for bringing notice to this article. First of all I agree with you. I am planning to expand this article to make it clearer that I am not in favor of GBA condemnation, which I didn't bring out enough there.

The main point I was getting at in this initial piece was that it isn't GBA when one can show (as I did in the article) clear connections between certain individuals.

This is not a type of argument I'm in favor of but I was arguing in reverse that the GBA accusation, which is what your quote was used to show, is too easily thrown around itself.

I hope that makes my point clearer. We are much better off to be "Joe Fridays," as it were, and say: "Just the facts, m'am."