05 October 2006

A Triabute

by Phil Johnson

n case anyone misinterpreted Dan Phillips's Tuesday post as a criticism of Triablogue, or imagined that Steve Hays's post today was really just a slap at Dan, you ought to re-read what both guys were saying.

For the record, we have the utmost respect for what the guys at Triablogue are doing day in and day out. They are not only incredibly prolific; they also have one of the most enlightening and educational blogs in the Christian blogosphere.

I haven't any idea what the name "Triablogue" means, but I think it has something to do with the fact that their posts proliferate like Tribbles. I don't know how they manage to write so many words on so many subjects. But I'm glad they do.

And yes, I know: their format is more bland than Bob Bixby's, but what they lack in aesthetics, they more than make up for with content. You ought to read them regularly.

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Evan May said...

Obviously, I was deprived of comic books as a child.

NEB said...

Oh, that bikini beauty will earn you some comments. At least the muscled-up apologist didn't smack the bully with a meat chub.

dogfreid said...

My favorite blog on the net.

dogfreid said...

And I think "Triablogue" has to do with their tag: "Serious Trinitarian Theology."

Tri Blog

FX Turk said...

That's beautiful. And Phil said he was too busy this week to blog.

Chris said...

The girls in the comic aren't dressed modestly.

You heretic.

In all seriousness, you should paint in a 1-piece next time.

Gordon said...

You aren't one of those California preachers who has beach baptism parties and serves up nachos and Pepsi for communion while you are there are you?

Even So... said...

As an alternative, in panel one you could have said stop kicking Sandeman in our faces...then the bully could have been Gordon Clark...

Colin Maxwell said...

Me thinks (a favourite Spurgeon phrase) that the bully got off light. BTW It's not good for the binding of a book to do that kind of thing.

David said...

Hehe, that really gave me a good laugh this morning. I will say, however, that having studied Van Til, and speaking as a presuppositionalist, I never knew presuppositional methodology could be applied simply by shoving a black panel with the words "Van Til" into the atheist's face. I am dying to try that out next time. :-D


Trinian said...

Perhaps the name is related to this practice?

Triage is a system used by medical or emergency personnel to ration limited medical resources when the number of injured needing care exceeds the resources available to perform care so as to treat the greatest number of patients possible.

Kim said...

Aw, I thought Triablogue was just an attempt to sound French and exotic. You know: La Blogue?

Vive la Blogue?

I have no idea of "blog" in French would be masculine or feminine, so please do pardon my poetic license.

Phil Johnson said...


The "black panel" represents a hardcover copy of Van Til's The Defense of the Faith. Our wannabe apologist is smacking the atheist upside the head with the book. It's all very metaphorical, and unfortunately I'm artistically challenged.

However, if you do decide to try this on your next apologtic encounter, I'll let you in on a secret: any big book will do. Here's one apologetic technique in which Nietzsche may even be more effective than Van Til, because he wrote wordier, thus heavier, books.

DJP said...

Oh! Nietzche!

I just had to endure Beyond Good and Evil for a class. It was beyond puerile and insane. I just don't get how he ever had an impact on anything other than a rubber wall.

GeneMBridges said...

Truthfully, the recipe is quite simple. Steve will now have to kill me for divulging secrets..


Interlocutor comment


Repeat 1 and 2 a minimum of six times,

Add a tad of snark if it's a repeat offender who ignores what has already been said multiple times.

Throw in at least 5 books or articles for reference.

Be sure to quote your opponent in context.

Name logical fallacies of opponent. Be sure to demonstrate.

Mix well.




Serves 100.

steve said...

Well, I'm naturally flattered that Bro. Phil has given me abs of iron. Now I can have my six-pack and drink it to.

But my question is: do I get the girl?

Phil Johnson said...

Steve: "my question is: do I get the girl?"

No. Sorry, buddy. To get the girl, you need to be wearing one of these.