10 October 2006

Insane Rip-off

by Frank Turk

Pheh. In my efforts to get the t-shirt contest actually posted and open for business, I found an unbeliveable rip-off from CafePress: custom postage stamps. You have to pay $17.99 for a sheet of 20 39-cent stamps, making the stamps themselves $0.90 each -- but you can definitely brand your mail with this product.

For those dying to vote with you money on the t-shirt contest, it will be ready for your viewing by Friday.

And for the record, I expect Dan to bump this post immediately. I have been at the fishin' hole and this is the best I have this week.


DJP said...

I'm tempted to bump you FOR THE FIRST TIME, EVER, just (A) to do it, and (B) not to let you down. But at the moment my brain is a rocky place where the seed of a Pyro-worthy idea can find no purchase.

(Name that movie. I know you can.)

And I have my own busy-day issues just now, too.

But I'm interested in hearing about the fishing. Was this in that muddy, yucky water that is all I ever see depicted in southern lands, and for some Stephen Kingian-looking thing like a bass or a catfish?

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Frank, the price is definitely worth it. Just think, every stamp collecting blog nerd will pay high dollar to get ahold of them.

candy said...

Awww....ya know.... Frank is just testing the waters with the stamp. If enough people respond positively...it will be the next big thing at Frank's store. Perhaps down the road we will see Homeboy stamps too. Maybe he will throw in the picture of Dan and sword.

Dan. I can attest to muddy yucky water in the south. I lived in Texas for a couple of years, and they brag about everything Texas...including their beautiful "lakes"...but I'm near Tahoe, so their "beautiful Texas lakes" were a shock to my system.

DJP said...

Candy, moving to Sacotomato from the desert, one of the first things I happily noticed was all of the above-ground water. But then I came to see that it was virtually all impenetrably, depressingly muddy. Unless it was in a mandmade fountain. Then it smelled like chlorine.

Ah, give me the crystal-clear, icy-cold, sparkling, chuckling waters of the Sierra....

FX Turk said...

Honestly, I was so stunned -- so absolutely abashed -- by the clear valuelessness of this item, I added it to the Pawn Shop as an example of what covetousness looks like.

$0.90 for a $0.39 stamp? Dude: that stamp better come with magic beans of somethin'.

Steve said...

Well, the stamp definitely has the potential to "make a statement" when used to mail a letter or greeting card to your Arminian, continuationist, or no-lordship-salvation friends.

Jennifer said...

Ewwwww, I'm spoiled here in Minnesota. Lakes, lakes, lakes.

And that is a hefty price to be paid for a stamp (people use those these days?!).

Tom Chantry said...

Second time that movie was referenced here in recent weeks. More and more reasons to love this blog!

Sharon said...

But wait! There's more!

If you order at least 2000 Pyro-encrusted 39 cent stamps, the price plunges to $12.99 per sheet--a mere 65 cents each!

Deathrow Bodine said...


You said,
Ah, give me the crystal-clear, icy-cold, sparkling, chuckling waters of the Sierra....

You really should make a trip over to the Ozarks. Clear "mountain" (more like hills compared to the Sierra) streams and rivers with some of the biggest Brook and Rainbow Trout you can find in the country.

The world record rainbow trout, caught in Arkansas in 1970, weighed 42 pounds, 2 ounces.


Of course, if you like Catfish out of muddy water. Arkansas has some of those World Records too.


You go snag a big one Cent.

Vile Blasphemer said...

Seriously, who communicates with physical mail anymore?

DJP said...

Deathrow --

In... Arkansas?

Well, I'll be. I can go to bed now. (I only have to learn one new thing a day.)

So that makes four reasons to go to Arkansas. Which is three more than I had before Pyro.

Which is really scary.

David said...


The movie is Raising Arizona.

Raising Arizona was a 1987 Coen brother film, starring Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, and John Goodman. It was about a small-time crook (Cage) trying to go straight who marries a cop (Hunter) and kidnaps one of the Nathan Arizona quintuplets. It spirals out of control from there.

It is an odd but hilarious film.
The tag line might fit in on this blog: "A Comedy Beyond Belief"

striving... said...

Here is something to talk about. DJP- you are a minister right? Okay so here it is. Aren't we all suppose to read and study the bible and then try to live Gods way? Is being an "elitist" wrong? I do not know if I spelled that right? We have a quite a few people in our church, and I am sure that it is everywhere, that are very "clicky," a couple of our newer pastors as well. It feels like high school all over again. 2nd commandment is love thy neighbor, would shunning people because off their status be considered sinful? We are all brothers in Christ, Right? We are all suppose to be loving to one another right? men and women, right? So on to my next question, how do you "call them out?" What would you do? Anyone!

David said...


I just looked at that last comment and thought it might be taken the wrong way. I meant that while this blog is about belief, it is also very funny. Therefore, a comedy beyond (being about so much more than just) belief.

You guys make me laugh so hard.

chamblee54 said...

How is the post office going to tell legitimate "vanity" postage stamps from counterfeits?
How do christians tell the difference between "real" ministers and conterfeits?
Scent, just to make you feel better, I have never posted a comment at one of Dan's posts.

candy said...

Ah, give me the crystal-clear, icy-cold, sparkling, chuckling waters of the Sierra.... Yep.

Chamblee: yawn.

Raising Arizona. Years ago friends scratched their heads at my choice of movies. I really like many Coen Brother movies. Look for the dog.

Phil Johnson said...

Centuri0n: "$0.90 for a $0.39 stamp? Dude: that stamp better come with magic beans of somethin'."

Are you kidding? That stamp has the world's classiest bloglogo on it! You'd better believe that baby's going to be on our Christmas cards this year.

FX Turk said...

You all know Phil is my friend, right?

I think we have just discovered that he is the most self-involved person in the whole blogosphere.

Darlene: comments?

FX Turk said...


They'll be able to tell by licking them -- the real ones taste like salt taffy.

I'll let you decide who or what I'm talking about.

FX Turk said...

I am also hoping that the mail I just sent out with stamps that have my blogger avatar on them don't go to anyone reading this blog.

Darlene said...

Frank, I gave up on "fixing Phil" long ago!

Darlene said...

Oh - Frank - should I be watching the mail for one of your Little Johnny Blogger stamps? (I really can not believe he didn't win the avatar contest! Recount!)

Tim Brown said...

Actually, if there were some way to get a good basic mesage on there, it would be worth it.

As it is, I print labels out with "www.needgod.com" on them to stick on things I mail. If nothing else, it advertises a great website that points the lost to the gospel.

I know, the labels are cheaper, but I'm also thinking it'll grab the eye with the truth.

candy said...

A letter with a pyro stamp on it might raise the suspicions of the FBI or Homeland Security. Expect them at your door Cent. :)