12 October 2006

t-shirt contest update

by Frank Turk

I'm sticking this down here under Dan's excellent post today to say this about the t-shirt contest: I told you so.

Listen: we have 27 entries, 5000 hits to TeamPyro every day, and the excitement over these new designs can be captured in one word: pheh.

We have sold 2 shirts from the contest shop -- and by comparison, I have sold 10 shirts from the rest of the "homeboy" collection in the same time period (i.e. -- since I opened the contest shop), and they are higher-priced.

I told you your one-up designs were not even one-up. Told you. You have about 20 days to prove me wrong. Vote by shopping and prove me wrong.


striving... said...

hey Cent. Just one question. The whole not just my homeboy. Don't ya' think that it could me misconstrued in so many ways. I am just wanting a little clarification. He could be the Ultimate homeboy or something. Am I missing something:)

FX Turk said...

Jesus is not just a homeboy: Jesus is Lord and Christ. The back of the T-shirt says "Jesus is LORD and CHRIST".

I don't think there's any way to misconstrue the point that Jesus is not just a pal or a buddy: Jesus is LORD and CHRIST.

Unless, of course, you don't turn around. I doubt any Atheists or malcontenst are going to order or wear these t-shirts.

Daniel said...

I thought of entering "David Is My Poem-Boy" or maybe "The Pope is The Catholic Rome-Boy" or even "Homeschool Moms Are Stay-At-Homeboys" - but I find calling a theologian (living or dead) my "homeboy" just didn't do anything for me. I probably am simply lacking in the cultural savvy - I am hopelessly out to lunch when it comes to popular trends - but this whole homeboy thing didn't strike me as particularly clever enough to be on a tee shirt. But then again - I am a Canadian... surely my blandness can be attributed in some way to that. ;-)

FX Turk said...

Now I know why Batman never had any canadian sidekicks.

Daniel said...

Wolverine tried out, but he just wasn't "hero support" material.

FX Turk said...

I think it's funny that Canadians are all over a short hairy guy with a bad temper.

Don't you? And why am I not more popular in Canada?

Al said...

How many posts in your own meta does it take to become boorish?

just saying that's all

Al (who doesn't wear Jesus T's) sends

Gloria said...

I looked for the contest shirts a couple times, but couldn't even find them until today. Really we just wanted you to go to all that effort. ;-)

Gloria said...

Oh, nevermind. I see your previous updates about the designs not making it up at the beginning of the month. Thought it was just me!

Daniel said...

I was going to mention Wolverine as my "gnome-boy" but I thought the short reference was a little high brow for this crowd... lol.

Chris Ross said...

Hey centuri0n,

I was GOING to buy the Berkof shirt ... the one I suggested myself ... only that was like, two or three weeks ago and now the whole 'Home Boy' shirt look is like, SO passe. I mean, I haven't seen Ashton Kutcher wearing his for some time now. I'm onto the next wave, coolio.

I'm not quite sure what that wave is yet. But I'm keeping an eye out.

(Seriously, I'm trying to decide whether to vote for myself by a buying Berkof T or actually getting friends some other names for Christmas that they'd recognize. I'm just browsing -- please don't crowd me! I'll let you know when I need assistance.)

(Nice muzak in the store, by the way!)

striving... said...

CenturiOn, Did not relize there was a back, duh to me. Sorry. okay that is preety cool. I have sent a couple your way just so you know. i am sure they will get an Augustine shirt. just his style.`

Gavin Brown said...

I want a "Schliermacher is NOT my homeboy" design

Jim Crigler said...

Actually, the "Not just a homeboy" shirt is so good, I might not even buy one of my own designs. I guess you've put us all in our place.

The only one that even comes close, IMHO, is "This is where I am right now." That one reminds me ... oh, never mind, you already understand.

Sharon said...

I already bought my Pyromaniacs T-shirt and coffee mug. What more do you want of me? [wimper]

P.S. Bogey is my homeboy. Bogey, my cat, of course.

FX Turk said...


Entries are closed. You have 2 weeks to think one up and now you tender Schliermacher?


A Birdy said...


Not much choice - No wonder you haven't sold many.

If someone had entered

"Johann Jakob Grynaeus is my homeboy"

I might be interested. :-)

Al said...

I was reading over my comment about Frank commenting in the meta of a post he started... It sounded snippy and not as funny as I thought when I posted it. I offer my apology and beg forgiveness.

I am bearing fruit worthy of repentance... 1 Finney Sweatshirt, for the wife, will be arriving in Pace, Fl sometime next week.

al sends