27 October 2006

t-shirt contest ends Tuesday ...

by Monte Hall

... and if nobody does anything about it, Martin Lloyd-Jones is going to win and I'll have to send prizes via air-mail to Martin Downes across the pond, doubling my expenses on this contest.

Help me: buy some other guy's shirts.


David A. Carlson said...

no Wesley? No sale

Chris Ross said...

Thanks, cent, for promoting MY guy Berkhof on the post. I bought one of him already -- really only because he's my pick, not because he's a theological favorite. I'm a dispensationalist, truth be told. But I was reading some of his systematic theology when you threw out the contest idea, so I proposed him.

His name certainly has a prestigious ring to it. People who see me wearing this T will think to themselves, "What? Who's? ... 'Berkhof'? Hmm ... must be some German intellectual I've never heard of. And this geek wants the world to know he's his homeboy. Wow, I bet he's, like, a chess master or nuclear physicist." And so forth.

So covenant/Reformed brothers, dispensationalists, Arminians, and you three emergents reading this, let's ALL purchase a Berkhof shirt to show some solidarity, and bring me victory.

étrangère said...

Haha, I may not get the whole homeboy thing, but I'll be laughing heartily if you have to award Downesy for MLJ. MLJ winning at Pyro-cessationist-maniacs? *wanders off chuckling*

Anyway, you could always send the prizes via surface mail.

Martin Downes said...


I feel bad now. If I win I promise to send you a Christmas card.

Brian said...

Where's Spurgeon???

Jim Bublitz said...

I've been getting a lot of pressure from people to come out with an "Islamo-Calvinist" t-shirt with Ergun Caner on it. Such a design would win this contest easily I say! :-)

A Birdy said...

I would not mind if MLJ won

MLJ may have been wrong on speaking in tongues and Spirit Baptism but even he said that the majority of people who claim to speak in tongues are counterfeits.

So everyone – click here buy some shirts and double Frank's expenses. :-)

(I don’t understand the homeboy thing either:
From Google definitions of homeboy on the Web:
· a fellow male member of a youth gang
· a male friend from your neighborhood or hometown

Martin Downes said...

Whatever the ironies of the Doctor's non-cessationism that some readers find amusing, it would be a big mistake to think that he can be co-opted as the property of reformed charismatics. He was too big a man for that. Read the two volume biography by Iain Murray and find out more.

FX Turk said...


You have obviously not been following the actual contest we are having here.

I have this e-shop (the Pawn Shop) in which I sell overpriced junk. After the CT article in which John Calvin was apparently named "homeboy", I came out with a line of shirts with "the majors" in it.

Then everyone started asking for one-up designs -- Thomas Chalmers, Richard Sibbes, whatever. So I opened up a contest in which I would offer all the one-up designs for a month at a discounted rate, and the design which sold the most would get free junk.

If you need a Spurgeon shirt, it's at the link I posted above, but it doesn't register any votes in the contest. I know: it seems bizarre that I started a contest in which people cannot vote for me, but I don't need any more t-shirts.


Martin --

Don't feel bad, bro. You British are way too sensitive. I'm leveraging your good fortune to date to get people to buy more junk. I figure that if TeamPyro readers can't be instigated to do something about displacing a continualist, they are too far reprobate to bother preaching the Gospel to them.

If you win, we may modify your prize to two shirts and a mug to keep the package size consistent with air freight rates -- the poster doesn't hardly weigh anything, but the shape make a special rate.

Steve said...

There's a bit of irony in the fact the T-shirt contest was instigated, at least in part, by CT, a magazine that many of us know as Christianity Astray, with good reason.

The only reason I haven't voted is I'm just not into having the word Homeboy plastered all over my chest. Otherwise the designs are nice.

Unknown said...

Hooray for Martin! (and Martyn)

Adrian Warnock said...

Martin is right. Lloyd-Jones was NOT a member of the charismatic movement however much some of his teachings may have inspired us!

I am sorry if I have contributed to any confusion over this matter in my quoting of him over at my place.

He was a gift to the church as a whole and many many cessationists view him as the greatest English-speaking preacher of the 20th Century.

He was the Spurgeon of his era and in some ways it could be argued almost single-handedly saved evangelicalism and reformed thinking in the UK!

So, if I understood what this homeboy thing was I would be in there voting for him!

Brian said...

Doh! I knew I had seen the Spurgeon shirt before. Sorry for the mixup.

FX Turk said...

Paul --

um, nope. That was a mistake -- it'll be down by the time you read this. The things got added when I added a product set, and mea cupla -- I did it, but not for laughs.

Adrian --

I would be one of those people, but saying, "Yeah! Lloyd-Jones is gonna win! It must be an outpouring of God's Spirit!" doesn't sell t-shirts.

I'm a retail troll, bro. Sam Walton is my homeboy.

Unknown said...

>slaps forehead and eats a crow< Then I am shamed for laughing at the rather provacatively coincidental logo placement.