08 July 2011

Wanted: "influencers" for World-Tilting Gospel

by Dan Phillips

Howdy-hi once again friends and neighbors.

We've reached the point in approaching the August 1 publication of World-Tilting Gospel where Kregel will mail out copies to "influencers." What, you ask (as I did), is an "influencer"? Great question. Here's Kregel's definition:
Influencers are non-relatives who have the ability to influence the purchase or use of your book in their place of business or ministry. They do not need to have a [massive trans-planetary] platform, per se, just the motivation and desire to help spread the word about your book.
Is that you? I have a set number of slots — would you fit? Use your Romans 12:3ed judgment. Make your case to me.

Here's how:
  1. Do it here in the meta if you want, but I won't be announcing any decisions in the meta. But be sure to...
  2. Email me at filops, then the @ sign, then yahoo.com, and make your case. Include full address and phone, please; those are in the form.
Another possibility: if you think you mightn't be in this category, but know someone who does and who may/may not regularly read Pyro, you might point him or her hitherward.

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: thanks to everyone who has contacted me. I actually still have some slots open; Kregel is generous in their distribution of the "influencer" books. But please do note:
  1. It makes a poor impression to address your email to "Phil." Entirely different person. I want to read Phil's first book, too! But this is this not that; and me, not him.
  2. Also, please do note the instructions in the post, if you want me to consider you for the list
Thanks again!

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The Squirrel said...

Well... my blog isn't real big, but it's big enough to attract trolls... Does that count? Oh, and I preach a little bit once in a while...

(But I do already have a copy pre-ordered, so...)


DJP said...

OK, I have enough now. You can stop. Thanks!

Haha, just kidding. Keep 'em coming.


Rachael Starke said...

I am highly influential over my three daughters, two of which are excellent readers.

I also have a totally unsuccessful discernment ministry on Facebook, where I make gentle suggestions to yoots about why there are better summer reading books than "Heaven is For Real", at which point all their yoot friends and relatives are monstrously offended.

Unknown said...

I don't think I would call my humble blog "influential" but I do have the opportunity to review books for several publishers.

I would be more than happy to read, review, and promote (or if it's a bad book discourage everyone from reading) your book.

Robert said...

I don't know how inflential I am, but I am constantly referencing and promoting various books that I have read and been influenced by. I have a blog, but it is so new that I don't think I'd say it is of much influence, either. I did suggest a book for the men's study at my church and then the women's study took it up...they have larger attendance, so that probably worked out better.

So I'd say if you need a last resort, then I'm available. 8o)

I will, however, pass this along to a couple of pastors I am friends with and see if they'd be interested.

FX Turk said...

I am absolutely certain that Tim Challies would review your book if you sent it to him.

JackW said...

Challies? Wouldn't that violate the non-relatives rule?

Dave Linn said...

I may wish to do this. My church is decent sized, I'm the preaching pastor, and I have a radio ministry. I have written one book and have written endorsements for three or four others. You may remember me from Talbot Seminary days (or not).

donsands said...

I'm with a full plate at this time. But I shall surely share your book cover on my facebook and blog. Love that cover!

Have a great weekend mi hermano. Gloria a Dios!

DJP said...

Watchin' my Inbox. Still room.

Paula Bolyard said...

More snark per square inch here than any other blog in the blogospere.

DJP said...

Dave Linn: I remember you well, but — no contact info! Email me.

Paula Bolyard said...

Just to be clear, I meant "snark" in the most complimentary way. From the Urban Dictionary:

"A witty mannerism, personality, or behavior that is a combination of sarcasm and cynicism. Usually accepted as a complimentary term. Snark is sometimes mistaken for a snotty or arrogant attitude."

I appreciate well-placed witty sarcasm and consider it an art form.

(in case my last snarky comment was mistaken for a snotty and arrogant attitude and ruined someone's day)

: )

Tim Brown said...

Hi Dan: I could mention your book on FB and my blog as well. Not high traffic but hey...

Merrilee Stevenson said...

Paula very aptly recognized the snarkiness factor. I suppose when a post is labeled "bumpable" it's okay. And in a case like this, I only wish I had more influence than I do (or than I think I do). I have 249 "friends" on facebook--as of a moment ago. I'd be happy to make a public service announcement, of sorts. Worst that could happen is I'll lose a few friends, and that ain't so bad, considering.

frankfusion said...

I'm really excited about the project. I'm currently a moderator at reformed.reddit.com. I've been blessed to meet some great reformed brother's at a page primarily known for it's atheism. I'm also know over at the Christian page at that site as well. More so, I've been blogging over at my page for a few years. If I were to write about this, I'm sure a lot of people would be interested and influenced to make a purchase.

Mary Elizabeth Tyler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thomas Louw said...

I’m not an American so I will not be able to help you out but, if it comes available in South Africa.
I have contact with 3 denominations, board member like guys.
I have friends with “big” South African blogs.

Mary Elizabeth Tyler said...

I have a female friend who goes to church with Tim Challies. I could drop a hint. She says he is one of the nicest persons she has ever met.

That's as good as it gets on my end. I can't wait to read it!

MST said...

Convince me why I should sell your book for you?

Just Kidding.

I just have a small blog and I go to a small church that has a small book store with ties to a bigger book store.

Daniel Bennett said...


Two thoughts.

First, this meta cracks me up. You ARE the influencer for your book. You blog on one of the most influential blogs in the evangelical community (citation needed). While it is awesome for people to be willing to mention you on their facebook pages, you've got an incredible platform here.

Second, does the whole idea of "influencers" make you a little uneasy? I appreciate the qualifications you make in your post. When I was sending my Kregel blockbuster out a few months ago, it made me uncomfortable. One, because of your aforementioned Romans 12:3 principle. Two, because of the celebrity-driven culture in which we live. Even the early church faced the temptation to celebrate men--good men--instead of exalting Christ (1 Cor 1). Not sure how that fits in, but it bugs me.

DJP said...

Daniel J. —

To your two thoughts, these two thoughts, though they don't necessarily correspond exactly:

1. So Kregel says, "Here, we'll send X books for free to X people you think might profit from and enjoy your book, and recommend it to others. Just provide the names." Should I say, "No! I'm way too humble for that! Keep your filthy lucre books!"? Or should I say, "Well, if I didn't hope it would please and serve God and be of use to someone, I wouldn't have written it. So, sure, thanks, I'll ask if anyone wants to read and recommend"? I picked B.

2. Honestly and un-snarkily, you estimate my personal influencialness entirely differently than I do. I am a nobody who gets to write with a couple of somebodies, and I had something to say, and someone was kind enough to give me the opportunity; so now I just hope some other someones give a listen and get some benefit.

Make sense? Hope so.

Daniel J.

Daniel Bennett said...


#1: I agree with your analysis and ultimately came to the same conclusion. I still felt uneasy about the evangelical celebrity culture...maybe because I was constatly having to check my motives as I was asking people to look at my book.

#2: If people are really sending you emails addressed to "Phil," I suppose you're right.