25 December 2012

...and that is what Christmas is all about

by Dan Phillips


And then:

The last two Sundays at CBC were given to framing the Christmas history against the larger backdrop of the saga of redemption.

First, we started literally at Genesis 1:1, in Christmas in Genesis.

Then in Christmas in Isaiah, we traced the thread of the Seed, from Genesis 3:15 to Isaiah 53.  (This includes a robust presentation of some of my reasons for insisting that Isaiah 7:14 looks to the birth of Jesus Christ, and no other.)

Merry Christmas!

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Steve Drake said...

Merry Christmas Dan. Thanks for posting these. I can't listen to Handel's For Unto Us a Child is Born without waving and raising my arms, snapping my fingers, and rejoicing in "Wonderful"... "Counselor"..."The Mighty God!"

DJP said...

Merry Christmas to you, too, Steve!

At CBC, our talented musicians start playing at about 5 minutes before the service starts, to encourage folks to sit and pray and prepare for the service.

On the first Christmas sermon, that music was supplied by a recording of the Sinfony movement from Messiah, which to me has always been evocative of Messianic prophecy as a whole. On the second, it was supplied by the movements featuring Isa. 7:14 and 9:6.

Steve Drake said...

One of these days, (maybe a 2013 New Year's resolution?) I'm going to make the short trip from Austin to Houston on a Friday or Saturday ('ve got good friends in the Houston area), and show up for a CBC service Sunday morning :)

DJP said...

Sweet, Steve.

Merry Christmas, one-star hater. May this be the year you're reconciled to God through repentant faith in Christ and submission to His whole Word!

Mural dos Adoradores said...

Merry Christmas! Grace and Peace!