14 November 2013

The "Luther Was a Screw-Up!" Dodge (NEXT! #39)

by Dan Phillips

Challenge: Y'know, Luther said [this atrocious thing], and did [that atrocious thing].

Response: Really? Wow. I guess it's like Luther said: he really needed a Savior. But just think: a basket-case like Luther could figure out the Biblical Gospel, yet all those geniuses in Rome are still missing the boat and still perverting the simple Gospel, 500 years later. Pathetic, huh?

(Proverbs 21:22)

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Michael Coughlin said...

I still don't understand why a civil rights activist from the 60s has any bearing on the reformation, but I haven't read as much church history as you pyrotechnic guys!

Good post! If Gandhi was right and the failures of Christ's followers invalidated His Lordship then we'd all have to simply eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

Thankfully, it is His grace which is sufficient, even for me.

Mike Westfall said...

Wait. Luther was a sinner? In need of a savior?

No way.

Scott Barber said...

Right. All he did was suggest that Philip of Hesse practice polygamy, support the killing and murder of polygamists, and promote the burning of synagogues and the torture of Rabbis. Those sorts of actions should never affect our assessment of a person's beliefs.

Frank Turk said...


You're saying Luther was wrong about the Gospel?

donsands said...

Our sins glorify our Savior. I don't know if our brother martin repented of his sins, but I would think he did.

King David was quite an embarrasing leader of God's truth, but he was God's man, and even has a place in the Bible.

We need to look at God, and how he works within us, from Noah to Lot, to David, to Jonah, to Simon Peter, to us and to us again.

It's all about the Cross, and God's mercy. Paul wrote: "But God . . ." Eph. 2:4

And there has to be a love for Christ, and a humility as well, but that is fruit of the Spirit, and so God has all the honor and glory.

Thanks for the superb post.