19 September 2014

Some here, some there — September 19, 2014

by Dan Phillips

Howdy gang. Short post to start the day; as usual, check back at end.

  • Did you know that Logos software now offers a Pentecostal & Charismatic base package? To anticipate your question, as far as I know, it does not uninstall your Bibles.
  • Whether it unlocks them so that you can add chapters and books and all? Not sure.
  • Aimee Byrd offers some good thoughts about friendships, particularly betwixt men.
  • No, I'm not "gay." Thanks for asking.
  • Some guy named Rick Joyner claimed to have spent 8 hours in heaven, which he then generously promised to share about on TV and at a conference. He says it's important stuff Christians need to know (and, presumably, can't find sufficiently in our Bibles). At this noting, 3,226 souls "liked" this announcement.
  • I say this is exactly why Strange Fire was needed, and why Sufficient Fire is needed.
  • Too long for Twitter: In his NAC commentary on Matthew (p. 142f.), Craig Blomberg quotes F. D. Bruner: "Hell is not a doctrine used to frighten unbelievers; it is a doctrine used to warn those who think themselves believers.”
  • Craig Blomberg, Matthew, vol. 22, The New American Commentary (Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 1992), 142–143.
  • Over at Theologically Driven, Ben Edwards also notes the problem of squishiness in Gospel Issues and Weighing Doctrines.
  • Without setting out to do so, after last Sunday's sermon I realized I'd preached what was at the same time one of the most pedal-to-the-metal Calvinist and pedal-to-the-metal evangelistic sermons I ever recall preaching. One of the issues on which I spent some expository time was whether faith causes, or results from, regeneration.
  • I say that to say this: Mark Snoeberger broaches that same issue over at the DTBS blog, to make the point that there is no middle ground on it.
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Michael Coughlin said...

Fun times, as always.

Webster Hunt said...

I'll be listening up to your sermon today.
I saw the kind Mr. Joyner had no time to respond to the likes of naysayers like you. Oh well. It is a day ending in "Y" after all.
The uninstalling of Bibles for the Charis* edition of Logos is supposed to be coming in the expansion pak (yes, Charismatics need an expansion pak), or at least that's the rumor I started.

Robert Warren said...

I checked out the Logos Charismatic Silver package, thinking there might be an expanded section on Montanus in the Church History section, but it consisted of a lot stuff about George Mueller. Wow, I didn't know church history went all the way back to the 19th century!
I have a bunch of Hayford stuff in Logos, evidently from some package I had bought some years ago. I hid all of it except the Spirit Filled Study Bible, so that I might benefit from: Marilyn Hickey, Frederick Price, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson...yes, the giants of exegesis.

Pagey said...

Thanks Dan. I've always enjoyed "Hither and Some There". (But rarely have anything intelligent to say - c.f. this comment.)

I've Pocketed the Time Management link with my list of 2374 other links that I'll eventually get round to reading.

Thanks for not publishing my earlier out-of-bounds comment. I forgot the rules for a minute there and regretted it afterwards. (Our little secret, right?)


Solameanie said...

The Bruner quote is worth the price of admission.