02 October 2015

The existence-of-evil dodge (NEXT! #44)

by Dan Phillips

Challenge: I see so much evil in the world, I just can't be a Christian.

Response: Did you mean to say that's why you can't be a Christian Scientist? Only Biblical Christianity can make sense of the evil in the world.

(Proverbs 21:22)

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Michael Coughlin said...

Still one of my favorite quotes from you, DJP:

"Is it good or evil for a doctor to plunge a scalpel into a child?"

donsands said...

"So much evil, no way I'm a Christian"

Sounds like the title to a John Lennon song. Actually his song "Imagine" is the most ignorant song ever written in my opinion.

The Bible is awesome. And it does have the answer for evil, doesn't it. I praise God He opened my ears to hear the truth. His grace is amazing indeed.

I pray the Church would get fired up and take the Gospel out to a world under God's wrath, and help them to not be ignorant of the truth, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

There was a preacher who said, "Instead of having Christians go to seminary for four years, and learning, which is a good thing indeed, I would rather have them go to hell for 5 minutes, to prepare them for a life time of compassionate ministry."-(paraphrased)

Here's a quote for you Dan:

"We've all spent years preparin'
Before this group was born
With Heaven's help it mended
And we do thank the Lord"