25 November 2006

DIY Blogspotting

onday evening Darlene and I are leaving for about 10 days in England. I have lots of things to do before leaving, so I don't have time to do a proper BlogSpotting post.

That's why I've decided to let Pyro readers take a stab at helping write this weekend's post. Feel free to post proper BlogSpotting links in the comments. Three rules:

  1. Link only to specific posts on other blogs that include links back to PyroManiacs. Blogroll links don't count. So if you notice that, say, Marc Heinrich has us in his blogroll, and you really wanted to give him a link, you can't, because he hasn't made a post linking back here in the past month or so. No BlogSpot link for him.
  2. Say something clever or pithy about the post you link to, if possible.
  3. Don't post an URL; make a simple html link to the post you reference. Long URLs spelled out in the comments mess up the template, and they aren't even clickable.
         Example: Suppose you notice that Naomi Foflygen linked here (twice) in a post titled "Updates on Things that No One Cares About." Don't post Like this:

    Naomi Foflygen made a post with two links to TeamPyro, and she called them "P.J. 'N Da Boyz"! ROFLOL!!!!
    Do it like this:

    <a href="http://priestwithwings.blogspot.com/2006/11/updates-on-things-that-no-one-cares.html"><b>Naomi Foflygen</b> and the people at her Bible study are still talking about a post Dan Phillips made back in September.</a>

    (Notice the elevated pithiness quotient and the html codes in version 2.) It will display as a clickable link, like this:

    Naomi Foflygen and the people at her Bible study are still talking about a post Dan Phillips made back in September.
Use the example as a template to help you with the proper codes. It's really not hard.

Post away.

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Jeff Voegtlin said...

So, where ya going in England? Will you be at the Metropolitan Tabernacle? I've always enjoyed myself there.

Steve said...

Rick Ianniello, though disliking Dan Phillips' use of the term leaky canon, concurs with Dan's observation in the post Big Names in Balance.

I will be totally astonished if this works. I've never created a link before to anything. And if it doesn't work...well, I followed the instructions to no avail.

centuri0n said...

"Say something clever or pithy about the post you link to, if possible."

That kills me. Someone's going to take that as an insult.

Gary said...

iamchief has been trying (quite unashamedly) for years to get spotted; here is his most recent attempt.

He will stop at nothing...

Naomi F. said...

Sean Kiley Higgins cites a Pyro-post made back in October to exemplify the need for clarity when preaching the gospel.

(...and his blog is pretty, too.)

DJP said...

(...and his blog is pretty, too.)

Psh. Leave it to a girl to say something like....

Say -- that is a pretty blog.

2e's said...

Mike Touhey of Strangers and Exiles Ponders what the team pyro guys would think of emergent folks likening their "conversation" to a modern day reformation.

Naomi F. said...

Psht!! Leave it to Dan Phillips to say something like that...

skh said...

Naomi, thanks for the blogspot.

Naomi and Dan, awww...shucks. You made me blush.

Austin Bob said...

It's probably against the rules to flog my own blog, but maybe someone else has something pithy to say about the way I applied Dan's comments on "big names" to some current PCA controversies.