02 November 2012

Logos 5 has launched

by Dan Phillips

I was provided a sneak-review copy of Logos 5 last week, and I've been test-driving it. Logos has been an acquired taste for me and especially now, as a fulltime pastor, I have really come to appreciate it. Reading and studying in Logos is a terrific experience; they have really designed a smart, extremely-powerful, streamlined piece of software.

I plan to share my own impressions later, but for now, here are some of the innovations in Logos 5. (I think their servers are groaning a bit right now.)

Here is a link that starts you through a series of vids on specific features of Logos 5. Let's single out a few.

Here's an overview of new features:

It comes with a nifty memorization tool:

The exegetical guide has been enhanced:

One of the pretty amazing new tools is the Timeline. Check it:

Major omissions, however, include birth of Phil Johnson and Frank Turk, and the start of Pyromaniacs. But that's what upgrades are for.

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VcdeChagn said...

Not sure whether I'll get this upgrade or not. 1700 bucks to upgrade my version :(

I can't read everything I have now....not sure how I'll ever read everything I would have for 1700.

Wonderful software though. Had to put it on an SSD on my laptop to get decent performance though.

Can you tell if 5 performs better or worse than 4 on the same hardware?

DJP said...

For me, just the same, both on a brand-new pc, and an older laptop.

James Kubecki said...

Upgrade paths are, again, confusing. Is there a "minimal crossgrade option" to just upgrade the engine with my existing content?

mikeb said...

I second James' question. I already have Platinum. They've taken from Platinum to make the new Diamond, not leaving much for the platinum upgrade.

But I would like the new guides: syntatical force (which I assume is grammatical categories, aka Dan Wallace's text?) and the timeline are neat.

Anonymous said...

Logos certainly has an impressive list of features. I hope they have improved over the super-bloated, super slow piece of junk they convinced me (again) to upgrade to when they released version 4. I bought every Logos upgrade since the late 90's, but version 4 is the end of that for me. After re-buying most of my books with each upgrade (despite promises by them every time that I owned the books and would never have to by them again) and after discovering--time and again--that Logos will always sacrifice actual usable functionality for a longer feature list, I vowed that I had flushed my last dollar down the toilet of Logos.

Sorry to be such a rain cloud. If there is anyone out there who really loves Logos, I am glad that you have software that you like. But I really do believe that spending money on Logos is a mistake.

Dan said...

Pretty nifty features. Now if they could make it affordable to one on a pastor's or a student's budget. And no, it is not a solution to say the congregation should be able to buy it or the student loans should cover the cost.

Might there be a review of some less expensive but functional software like The Word or PowerBible or something comparable?

Honestly, my question doesn't come from an attitude of sour grapes or envy but as a request from one who is really financially strapped.

threegirldad said...

Is there a "minimal crossgrade option" to just upgrade the engine with my existing content?

"If you don’t want to purchase new content, Logos 4.6a continues to be freely downloadable; we have even updated it in the past week and plan other future fixes and updates. And at some point down the road we will make the Logso 5 engine freely available, too." (source)

DJP said...

Bob Pritchett explains more about the upgrade.

Jared T. Baergen said...

I'm still debating with myself about whether I should go with Logos 5 or Bibleworks 9. Anyone have any suggestions?

Everytime I watch a Logos video, I lean towards Logos, but everytime I look at Bibleworks, it seems more of what I'm looking for. However, Logos 5 seems like it has some really impressive upgrades when it comes to dealing with the biblical text.

Maybe this is off topic, but I can't decide.

Ps. My captcha says "theysin 23"

DJP said...

Depends on what you want to do, Jared. Are you going to be a pastor? Then I would unhesitatingly say that, if you must only buy one, buy BibleWorks. It is amazing value for the money, and its quick verse-by-verse note system provides a storehouse for years to come. But then I'd also say to save up to get Logos next, which I've appreciated more and more as the years roll by (and as I try other software).

George Lutes said...

It looks great, but 1700 is a bit rich for me. I use the "Blue Letter Bible" downloaded for free.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks, DJP, for posting the link to the Logos forums explaining the minimal cross grade options to come.

Feel free to tweet @Logos or post in the Logos forums with other specific questions.

Anonymous said...

Question to all:

I'm still saving my coins for either Logos or Bibleworks. I do not need 1,000 volumes of reference works that I already have in paper. I need something that's almost entirely for exegesis, and I've been told regularly that Bibleworks it the exegetical tool of choice.

Is Logos 5 far improved on a sheer exegetical level above 4? Does it have a more powerful search with complex string parameters and whatnot? Just wondering as I'm needing to borrow money from a church mouse and don't want to waste it.

DJP said...

For exegesis, the nuts and bolts of it, BibleWorks is by far the best bang for your buck. Then save up for Logos.