14 July 2013

Random Update on the AHA/D'OH! posts from last week

by Frank Turk

First, I think it's a shame to bump the Dose of Spurgeon for updates, but the friends of AHA/DOH! (note: after 2 weeks of looking at these acrostics, I am still amused by them.  I can't believe nobody looked at those and said, "um, guys? maybe we need something that will cause other people to take us a little more seriously?")(says the guy whose blog is named "TeamPyro" where they call themselves PyroManiacs, so there's that) have linked me via Facebook to the start of the rejoinders:

When it went live, I was entering a cave in the Ozarks in a place where my phone had no signal; I responded on FB as soon as the signal returned (briefly).  I am now seated at my PC with a stable internet connection, and you can see that I am putting this ahead of lunch and ahead of a much-need nap after canoeing 9 miles down the Buffalo River.

My response to the AHA counterposts is as follows (slightly amended):
I ask every person who reads the series of responses at AHA's blog to do 3 things:
[1] read the AHA website (particularly, read the 5 tenents, no compromise, the difference, funding philosophy, and then the following links from ChurchRepent.com: one two three (for "three," browse until you feel like you've had plenty)
[2] read the 3 blog posts I wrote
[3] then read AHA's response (I'll link to part 1, and then I'll imagine that you are able to navigate the internet with more finesse than  someone from the 1950's if/when the balance of these posts are made)
I am utterly satisfied that any English-speaking reader can decide for himself what to think.
Also, Steve Hays has posted a note about one aspect of this exchange.  I thank him for it as it may be useful to anyone following along.

I consider this topic closed.  The comments will also remain closed.