14 April 2014

It needs to be said

by Frank Turk

My friends and pastors went to T4G last week, and all I got was this lousy blog post.

So yesterday we went to church after my friends and pastors came back from T4G, and they all had stories about the things they did or said, and one of the guys recounted an anecdote which needs to be brought to light here, Hiatus or not.

Our local church has really tight connections with an international parachurch organization [IPO] (their headquarters is right down the street), and that parachurch organization has really tight connections with a radio ministry [RM] that used to be sort of globally assisted by this larger parachurch ministry.  The names here are redacted because they are not important.

So my friend from church is seeing his friends from IPO and RM at T4G, and they start chatting about this and that, and someone asks if I'm there.  My friend says no, but he knows I'm listening via the web because I was tweeting the good stuff which I had time to listen to.

So the face/voice of RM says to my friend, "wait, Frank Turk?"

And my friend says, "Yes -- Frank goes to the Bible Church."  And the head of IPO confirms it because he and I have had lunch.

So the voice of RM says again, "Really?  Frank Turk?  He lives in Little Rock?"

And my friend says, "yes.  His kids are in Youth Group.  He teaches Sunday school sometimes."

And the voice of RM says yet a third time, "The PyroManiac?"

At which point my friend said that he and the leader of IPO started laughing because she was sort of flabbergasted.

And that leads me to this post, which I think is long overdue.  I think my friend was amused because maybe the voice of RM found it hard to believe that anything good could come out of Little Rock.  Maybe she was concerned that such a menace as I can come out of such a stolid and unswerving church as the one which we are members of these days.

I think there's actually a different problem: an on-going confusion in the world between myself and another fellow who probably doesn't realize he's being tarnished by the confusion.

This fellow is Dr. Frank Turek:

Right?  He has a Wikipedia page.  He has written books.  He has a Ph.D. in Apologetics. He has a radio show.  He's a reputable person.  He does not live in Little Rock.  He does not blog at this web site; he never has.  He's a good man.

This fellow here:

Right?  He makes Open Letters and Hitler Responds videos.  He has only been on the radio when Paul Edwards was crazy enough to invite him -- and he may have actually gotten Paul Edwards fired.  He writes forewords to books he has never read, and is counted as an anti-Catholic and as the quintessential WatchBlogger by those who do not want to be asked difficult questions.  He is a menace who must be stopped.

He lives in Little Rock.

You will be best-served if you don't confuse them.


Craig Masters, PhD said...

Hilarious! I've been reading this blog for a couple years or so and have benefited immensely from the edifying posts here. Often, the comment threads are as engaging and enlightening (and entertaining) as any classroom discussion I've ever experienced, clearing up quite a few of my own misconceptions on doctrine and theology. Keep up the good work and may God continue to be glorified by your efforts!

Paul Edwards said...

If I had know you had never done radio before I invited you to do radio the world might be a different place right now. :-)

FX Turk said...

I blame myself every day for that Paul.

Sean Scott said...

Lol I don't know the other guy but everyone should beware the menace from little rock.

Rob said...

I had that same Turk/Turek confusion once long ago as well.

Good to see you posting again. You really need to get back to posting more. TeamPyro is becoming more of a TeamFlicker lately, and sadly I've actually bumped it to the bottom of my aggregate of blogs I follow

Michael Coughlin said...

Good post!

Grateful for Grace said...

I LOVED living in Little Rock. It's where God saved me. It's where I stopped volunteering for Planned Parenthood and went to my first Right to Life rally. I was a member at Fellowship Bible Church where I heard God's Word faithfully, lovingly, and purposefully taught.

Stay a menace, from wherever, but LR is fab!

Kathy said...

I was waiting to pick up my son from classes at Ouachita Baptist, listening to the radio, and amazed that Frank Turk was hosting a radio program. I mean, there can only be one Frank Turk in Arkansas...

Pierre Saikaley said...

I think one of the first things I ever wrote in the coms here when I first came to this blog was that I didn't know much about Frank Turk, but that I always get second guessed because of the confusion with Frank Turek. And to which you replied something to the effect that it was his misfortune. To which I had a chuckle. I guess it really had to be said some time. :-)

Brian Roden said...

I used to work in the big black-ops building behind said IPO until the office moved to a more remote location in Maumelle last fall. I still drive past the IPO every morning taking my daughter to ABHS