12 May 2015

Things To Come

by Dan Phillips

(Not the book by Pentecost, but, you know... things to come!)

My "things to do" list has well passed my "things done" list. When that sort of thing happens, blogging is a thing that gives. But I thought I'd tell you of some things in the works:

What it does and doesn't mean to walk in the Spirit. I've mostly written on the second aspect (doesn't mean), but mean to do some writing here, in addition to what's in TWTG. I've preached about it, more than once, but it remains to put it in a blog post.

A review of Matt Harmon's Mentor series commentary on Philippians. Absolutely wonderful commentary, a rare combination of scholarship and devotion. Enthusiastically recommend it, expect it to be used for years to come.

A review of Logos 6, particularly the Reformed package. I was a beta tester. Love it, recommend it.

A review of BibleWorks 10. Also beta tested this, also love it, also recommend it. Every pastor or serious Bible teacher should have this. In fact, I'm to be talking about it on the Theotek Podcast this Friday, Lord willing.

So, when I can, you'll see this. And an SHST this Friday if I can.

In the meanwhile if you've any interest, last Sunday I preached on that theme dear to our hearts: the glory of God.

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