01 May 2015

Some Here, Some There — May 1, 2015

by Dan Phillips

Very brief to start, will try to expand a bit up to noon, Texas time.
  • Oh, you have got to see this. I was on the fence about doing an SHST today, but this pushed me over — I had to do one, if only to send you to Tom Chantry's TGC-nuanced version of "Imagine."
  • Then, and relatedly, I think a lot of you somehow missed the Janet Mefferd interview. You shouldn't've. Read, and share: Part OnePart Two.
  • Kregel's 40 Questions series has now produced 40 Questions About Creation and Evolution. Read the review by Bob Hayton.
  • I love happy endings. Here's the testimony of a professor's conversion as a young man from Scientology (!) to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • M'man Mike Riccardi taps academics to give a good word on the Greek term translated "homosexual."
  • Interesting, in prepping to preach Ephesians 1:13 about being sealed with the Holy Spirit, to find Lloyd-Jones held that sealing was equivalent to baptism, and was a post-conversion experience. Even more interesting to realize that his reasons and conclusions were very like Sandemanianism (Dallas doctrine/no-lordship/gutless grace). Listen to the sermon here.
  • This week's But We Haven't Changed Our Mind About Jesus/Irony Can Be Pretty Ironic award winner.

  • Have a good weekend. Live like you're being watched. You are.
  • That's not what I meant, but anyway...

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Anonymous said...

That link to Mike Riccardi's article was worth the price of admission.

Chantry's lyrical call back to the local church rather than the centre-bound(?) coalition was one of the most fun things I've read in a while.

Stephen said...

Dan, kind of a side question since you mentioned your preaching research. When you start a consecutive expository series (working verse by verse through a text), how far ahead do you schedule your texts/sermon topics? Seems like the typical church would already have gone through the entire book in the time you've dived into the first 13 verses!

DJP said...

I don't do it like that. I will do Ephesians until I'm done. (Hope that doesn't sound snotty; I just mean -- that's the plan.)

I picked Ephesians in large measure because it is a sort of catalog, or index, of Paul's teaching. So in going through Ephesians, I can deal with Biblical teaching on those topics dealt with in the whole of Paul's letters.

Steve Drake said...

Hayton's review of publisher Kregel's "40 Questions" comments that it is Excellent on the Age of the Earth. He goes on to say that the scientific evidence for an old earth is quite strong, while the Biblical evidence for a young earth is quite strong.

That one combination of comments tells you everything you need to know (who ya gonna believe?), "except" it is not accurate. The scientific evidence for an old earth when analyzed closely is quite weak.

Most laypersons and clergy are not scientists, but we need to do the hard work of studying the scientific arguments, the history of where deep time came from and the secularists who promulgated it. Most of us won't do that and this to our shame.

There is plenty of scientific evidence for a young earth, mitigating against millions and millions of years, which then lines up with what we are told in Scripture.