21 August 2015

Good buys (not good byes)

by Dan Phillips

Briefly: Kress Biblical Resources is having quite a sale this weekend — fifty percent off of everything. That includes books by John MacArthur, John Kitchen, Rick Holland, and your servant.

If you'll forgive my specific suggestion, folks are finding that God's Wisdom in Proverbs reaches quite an age-range. Might now be a great time to get a copy for your newly-minted high-school senior, college student, or youth leader?

Use the coupon code PLXUF10LALPY6.

Tell a friend. I just did!

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donsands said...

Cool Beans! I shall have to get a couple copies for my pastors, Thanks for the heads-up bro.
Love what Phil J. said about your book. Is there a Christian who can say things the way P.J. does?

"We've all spent years preparing
Before this group was born
With heaven's help it mended
And we do thank the Lord"