10 April 2008

Why I haven't much of substance to say

by Dan Phillips

(Less-kind readers will observe that this isn't a first time.)

Right now I'm finishing up on a Sunday School lesson and two sermons I'm looking forward to preaching from Proverbs. This coming Sunday and the next I'm to have the pleasure of bringing the Word to the fellowship at Calvary Community Church of Blount County. Their pastor, Ted Steen, graciously extended an invitation some time back, I gladly accepted, and away we go.

Compounding the joy, my dear wife Valerie will be accompanying me.

Additionally, we are to take in Together for the Gospel in the week between those two Sundays. The guy Phil works for and some other fellows will be there.

But wait, there's more!

We'll get to see the Johnsons and the Turks (all of whom Valerie has never met), and participate in the "Band of Bloggers" meeting. (Phil's on the panel.) Then we're to spend a few days in a rented cabin, before I preach the second Sunday at Calvary.

I've been looking forward to it, and am finishing up my messages and details here. And Tennessee and... er... I keep wanting to say "Kansas"... Kentucky — those are, like, east and south of here? I'm not much of a traveler. But unless I'm forgetting something, it will be the furthest from California I've ever preached.

So that's both Where I Am Right Now, and where I plan to be in the immediate future.

Hope to see some of you there!

IN OTHER NEWS Karsten Piper pointed to some poets and poems he enjoyed. I looked at one, threw up my hands, admitted I didn't get it nor the genre it (to me) typifies, and I had some fun with it at my blog. Amid the lively discussion that ensued in the meta, none other than the celebrated professor himself dropped by, showed a great sense of humor and that he can give as well as he gets, and, what's more, treated us to a pithy lesson on poetry appreciation. And it was a treat; drop by and enjoy.

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DrMacFan said...

Hey, speaking of "the guy Phil works for" I found this article... http://overlyactiveslacktivism.blogspot.com
and I got ta tell ya I'm a bit worried. Is my favorite proclaimer calling it quits soon? I sure hope not!!!

bugblaster said...

Rent a car, drive north for a few hours and come see us. We can go skiing.

steve said...

we are to take in Together for the Gospel in the week between those two Sundays

Budgetwise, I had to choose between T4G or the Shepherds' Conference this year, and Shepherds' won out.

Best preaching ever.

Perhaps next year for T4G.

DJP said...

So Neil, you're saying you're going to get in your car, drive a few hours south, and sip Mint Juleps with us?

Sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week & weekends ahead for you Dan. Looking forward to meeting you & Phil & Frank in person at BoB and T4G next week. I'll be there with 18 others from our little church in eastern Nebraska.

Oh I forgot, you don't know where that is. Just go to Kansas and turn left...

Phil Johnson said...


No, I think he's definitely looking forward to finishing his exposition of the NT, but there's no way he'll call it quits after that. He hates the idea of retirement. His dad was still preaching in his 90s. John's goal is to go longer than that.

Also, there's no way he would be able to finish Mark in 3 years.

David Smithey said...


I too got to see Dr. M on Tuesday in Tennessee. He made the same comment then. I did not take the comment to mean that he was ready to retire.

Phil, I believe the Tale of Two Sons is the best book yet. It is truly awesome!!!


DrMacFan said...

Phil & Smithey,

While I wasn't at the event, I have read the book and I agree it was excellent, even though I cheated and read it backwards. I must say that 'yes' the good Doctor probably will not cover a book in only three years, and definitely will not stop preaching as long as he has breath. I did go back and re-read the article, and I don't think that fella meant it as anything but good, and I agree with him, Dr. MacArthur would be difficult to replace. [Besides, there was no Elisha ministry until after Elijah was heavenward. That's the part that freaked me out. I thought, "Oh, my, heavens forbid it so!"] If you don't have a copy of Tale of Two Sons go get it. Frankly, I'm appalled that the Pyros have not submitted proper review of this fine work. ;)

Mike Riccardi said...

As far as MacArthur retiring... no way man. Even after he finishes Mark (say we give him 10 years), he still has the entire Old Testament!


DJP said...

John MacArthur hijacked my meta.

Libbie said...

It's a well known bloggial phenomenon that the meta will attempt to redress any perceived lack of actual content in an original post.

Plus we're all just a bit green about you being all chummy with the bigwigs. Like Turk. Arf.

So, MacArthur resigning, huh? Never happen.

Mike Riccardi said...

John MacArthur hijacked my meta.

LOL! I gotta kick outta that. Imagine him hearing that sentence. ... Hah.

Anyway, I'd like to hear your insights on the sermons/SS lessons you've been working on... but I was thinking if you were in the position to do that you would have done it in the original post. If not, what are you going to be preaching on specifically?

Brotherhank said...

Love the Pope pic.

Can't wait to see y'all at B.O.B.

The weather's great here in Louisville!

donsands said...

Looks like my kind of church, Calvary. May the Lord bless you and the fellowship in His Spirit and Word.

They have the Reverend Jonathan Moorhead, and fam as one of their missionaries. That's definitely nice.

DJP said...

Well, Mike, if I told you that, all the folks in the church would read it and figure there was no point coming.

Sunday School is to be an intro to Proverbs, first Sunday sermon is to be "The Wisdom of God," second "God's Wisdom for Man."

steve said...

John MacArthur hijacked my meta.

A feat all the more remarkable considering he doesn't even blog.

Anonymous said...

DJP: John MacArthur hijacked my meta.

Speaking of Dr Mac, I was told I sounded like him when I preached last Sunday. I took it as a compliment...

Also speaking of Dr Mac, my son (who is a Bible Expo student at The Master's College, Johnny Mac's school) is jealous about me going to T4G. He said I have to get him a Team Pyro sticker or shirt or something while at T4G or BoB.

See Dan, I'm trying to reclaim your meta from Phil's boss. Is it working?

DrMacFan said...

****John MacArthur hijacked my meta.****

Sweat not, DJP, neither be thou dismayed. We liked your post and that pic of the pope is poppin, babe'!

Hey, Mike be sure to alert the good Doctor that the rumors of his demise are excessively ka-ka'd. Since he hijacked the meta without actually blogging, does that forthwith grant Dr. JMac a "gold star" for this seeming omni-presence?

DJP said...

My question is: when Phil Johnson sits on the Band of Bloggers panel next week, will he live-blog himself?

Kim said...

Hubby's taking me to Louisville to sip Mint Juleps? Why didn't he tell me?

DJP said...

Must've been a surprise. Rats. Sorry.

REM said...

Frame and Piper's kid now troll your comments. Is Benedict next? It's a matter of time, big time.