12 June 2009


by Phil Johnson

oday starts the Resolved Conference, and they have surprised us with the announcement that all sessions will be available by live-stream video.

I have to miss being there in person for most of the conference, because I am speaking three other places this weekend, but I plan to attend Monday's sessions. John Piper, C. J. Mahaney, Steve Lawson, John MacArthur, and Rick Holland. You have to register to get the live feed, but it's free. Check it out.

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donsands said...

Thanks. What a blessing for the Body of Christ.

Seems as though God is truly building up His people in their faith with so many great gatherings of such godly shepherds.

I'm excited. Perhaps another Great Awakening on the horizon.

SB said...

can't wait to see Driscoll up there with them soon

i think all it will take is a call from Scott Thomas-just like it did for Steve Camp

Becky, slave of Christ said...

Your the third person who has mentioned this today. We were planning to take a walk this evening, but I think it is going to rain. Hanging out listening to excellent speakers, while the thunder rolls outside, sounds very nice.

Have a good (busy) weekend!

Boerseuntjie said...

Beloved brethren,

I have already had some valid and good questions raised regarding the possibility that Resolved is giving a message that we ARE the world as Christians...

I hope this is not the message, and I trust it is NOT; but that this event of performing arts is rather a launching pad into e serious exposition of Scripture and a real experential understanding of the history behind the Historically Biblical Christian Faith... After all the name Resolved is borrowed brom Jonathan Edwards' Resolutions which indicated a clear desire for holiness, sanctification in all areas of life, a hatred of personal sin and of our own worldliness, a clear desire for the Spirit to turn us away from self and to incline our hearts to be conformed to the Image of Christ.

I would like to hope that Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, George Whitfield, John Newton, A.W. Pink, the Apostle Paul, Christ Jesus our King and many others who have been those who have gone in the Way of Holiness before us, can and or will be present at this event/conference; to take delight in all that is done and said...

But then again I do not believe the LORD is pleased with mine (our):
...self-gratification (I like my.... that way);
... worldiness (Becoming AS the WORLD; rather than being IN the world as Purification and Sanctifying agents);
...desire to please US rather - than Glorify God ALONE (I know there I go a ranting over that VITAL word Sola again...which the Reformers believed so imporatnt that they HIGHLIGHTED it at LEAST 5 Times...);
...that ancient evil that is seeking the approval of men; rather than the approval and honor of YAHWEH...

May we learn from the Prophets and the Law; Israel God's elect nation was not spared for the very same things which turned their hearts away from Him...which are creeping into my (Our) heart/(s)...

Am I RESOLVED to seek His Kingdom FIRST?
Am I RESOLVED to be despised and rejected of men?
Am I RESOLVED to seek the First and GREATEST Commandment of YAHWEH?

There remains many question to our culture today and many challenges that face us in the Body of Christ, may the LORD command what He wills and give us the grace to do His will, as from an UNDEVIDED heart; with ALL our heart, with ALL our soul, with ALL our mind, and with ALL our strength.
For we have One Master and seek Christ ALONE glorified!

Soli Deo Gloria.

Your fellow bondslave for the glory of our King & Master, Who is the Fear of Isaac; by His merciful grace ALONE,

Christian said...
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Christian said...
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Steve said...
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Boerseuntjie said...
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Phil Johnson said...

See rule 4 (right sidebar).

Boerseuntjie said...

No probs, my apologies.
I thought that Steve was referring to something on topic.

Boerseuntjie said...
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Ephemeral Mortal said...


seems like some discerning voices in evangelicalism are less tha impressed by these conferences:

Boerseuntjie said...

Ephemeral Mortal,
...has pointed out something my Pastor is also greately concerned about. My Pastor-Elder will need to account for the flock entrusted to his care and I am glad for his concerns raised with me about this vital issue of sanctification...

BUT, I am also greatly vexed that Mature brethren are setting a standard and expectant of all who BEGINtheir race to be in line near the End of the race. Do not misunderstand - I am not looking for a reason to use grace as a means for vice either.

I find that the things that I want to do, I do not do. But I do the things that I do not wish to do, this is present with me.

Thankfully I can submit my heart more and more to conformity with Christ, by the gracious indwelling power of the Spirit of grace and truth.

I am glad that the circumsicion of my heart is inwardly and that it is a continual action in line with continual repentance and the gift of grace.
I want to be freed from the world and it's culture and it's cares.

But can I hold anyone to account, by the standard of MY SANCTIFICATION PROCESS?

Am I glad to hear the Gospel of Grace clearly taught, even if the accompaniment of songs' melodies and the instruments used and the Pop culture attachd to such melodies and styles grieve me?

If the intruments detract from the teachings of Scripture - I would be grieved indeed!
Whether that instument be the preacher or the musical instruments - I would be grieved that we take the Gospel and make it in our image...

HSAT - I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS TO BE THE CASE under the Leadership of Pastor-Elder Rick Holland or Grace Community Church.
I believe that this is not just another Pragmatic approcah to conform to the culture - BUT that this is going into the culture to speak in their "language" the esential same Truths of Scripture and the Doctrines of Grace.

I do not wish to be constrained by the traditions of men, by the cultures of men, nor by the appearance of things - But will seek to speak the truth in love AMONGST SINNERS...

Whether they be inside the Visible Church or on the outside looking into the Body of Christ assembled for His glory Alone.

We need to keep our own hearts from self glory, self gratification and self worth - But to seek ONLY Christ Crusified.

I speak under correction but I believe a great Reformed preacher (Possibly Spurgeon) made the comment that he would have us Reformed brethren preach LIKE Armenians; In other words with passionate pleadings to receive the gift of grace and apply it, when granetd of the LORD.
I concurr.

My heritage is important, so is the pleadings towards sinners to repent and resolve to follow Christ - To whom shall we preach if we only preach? To those ALREADY regenerated and redeemed? Or to ALLmen - everywhere?

I believe it is good and right never to assume we are all redeemed who come devotedly to the LORD's Day gatherings or who are fully partaking of Church service and life.
We should always seek the simplicity of the Gospel preached in whatever CULTURE, Tradition or any other millue we may have an opportunity to Preach the Gospel of grace - even if we have to seek and create that opportunity.

Do we need to be pragmatic - NEVER.
Do we need to speak in the tongue of the people we speak to - YES.
Do we need to be AS THEM - NEVER.
Do we need to speak the truth in love to the self-deceived, those being deceived or those who have never heard the truth of Christ - ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE.
Will or must we always be comfortable when we Proclaim Christ - NEVER.
Should we struggle with Sanctification - We wish it where not so - BUT ALAS, it will always needs, must be so - for Glorification is not gifted in this age...


Your humble lowly fellow bondslave for the glory of our Master ALONE,

donsands said...

"Do we need to be pragmatic - NEVER'

My grandson, who is 4 years old says, "Never", quite a bit. It's one of his cute words.

To be pragmatic, or practical, NEVER?

It's essential to be practical.

"Be doers of the Word, and not hearers only."

If someone is hungry, then it's a pragmatic issue isn't it? Give the man some food, and help him out.

The Gospel is the good news of Christ taking the sins of the world upon Himself, and forgiveness being in Him alone. This is the good news and truth. But from this truth of forgiveness, we who embrace the Gospel live pragmatic lives by faith, don't we?

Boerseuntjie said...

I am NOT sure this is ON TOPIC; but if only for a clarification.

donsands does NOT have an e-mail contact on his profile, that being the ONLY reason I responde here.

Don - You are adding to my words and to the term
Pragmatism (Which is DISTINCT from Practicality).

Dictionary: prag·ma·tism (prăg'mə-tĭz'əm)

1.Philosophy. A movement consisting of varying but associated theories, originally developed by Charles S. Peirce and William James and distinguished by the doctrine that THE MEANING OF AN IDEA or a proposition LIE IN ITS observable practical CONSEQUENCES.

2.A practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching or assessing situations or of solving problems.
pragmatist prag'ma·tist n.
pragmatistic prag'ma·tis'tic adj.

So I make the Distiction between the Phylosophy of Prgamatism and practicality.
The One is a bit like Communism (The End justifies the MEANS).

The other is matter of common sense, reality and common grace.

I have a problem ONLY with the phylosophy, that lays Scripture aside as a means devoid of meaning, but it's assertion that ANY END justifies ANY means, whether Biblical in principle, Consistent with the Person and Nature of our Triune God, or not.

I trust this clarifies and does not upset anyone unnecessarily.

Your fellow bondslave for the glory set before us in Christ Alone,

steve said...


Any hope for you to interact with Peter Masters' critique given in the above web link?

DJP said...

Steve — FWIW, did y ou know that both Frank and I have interacted, at our blogs?

steve said...


Thanks for the heads up; did not know.


SB said...

i saw this coming in 2005:

i hope your not referencing a mars hill worship service--it is redesigned in exactly the same way as a Resolved Conference is except that it is located in Seattle and not at a hotel in Los Angeles. lol phil

Have you ever listened to Driscoll preach? or visited Mar's Hill Church in Seattle?
4:18 PM, December 04, 2005


DJP said...

Who are you talking to? Why did you post the identical comment on this post of Phil's, and at my blog? Is this your first time visiting either blog?

SB said...

sorry the one on team pyro was for phil

just making the point that resolved & mars hill services are identical especially if mahaney or piper is speaking at mars hill as they are prone to do

i have commented since 2005

DJP said...

If you've been commenting since 2005... you don't know I'm not Phil? And you don't know whether any of us has listened to Driscoll preach? And in that case, what does your comment have to do with anything? I don't really see the connection.

And please pick one meta, and stick with it, talking to the person who wrote it.

SB said...

sorry won't do that again