27 December 2010

Simple Gifts

by Phil Johnson

    friend gave me a Flip Video camera for Christmas, so I made this Youtube Channel, and posted a video I took Christmas Day afternoon. Ray, Wrigley, and I made a mess of Darlene's kitchen, but it was fun. We find the best joy in the simple gifts:

Enjoy the rest of the holiday, and I'll be back in the New Year.

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GW said...

I knew this guy was smart. He owns a beagle.

Wendy said...

We have a Flip Mino and use it for our business videos. Thankfully, my son is our company mascot so any (home) videos of him technically count as business.

Lovely gift and looks like a nice relaxing after-Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

Very sweet video. Brings back memories.

Joni said...

Made me smile.

donsands said...

"We find the best joy in the simple gifts."
That's so true. I wish I could keep that joy embedded in my heart.

May our Lord pour His greatest blessings from heaven in 2011.

Happy New Year!

Cathy M. said...

So, so, so precious! They grow so fast.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Such a sweet video! Ray is quite a smart lad - after a while he realized that the bat would cover much more ground than the hands. I loved his sighs!

PS- I admit that I first thought the circular oriental rug contained the emblem of Pyromaniacs. Alas.

~Mark said...

If there was a "like" button on Blogger I'd be pressing it right now. :)

Merry Christmas!

Mary Elizabeth Tyler said...

Capture all the precious moments on video, Phil, cuz the mind plays tricks on us as we get older. However, I will never forget my son's first EVERYTHING, smile, steps, laughter.... What a blessing to be a stay at home mom. There is nothing like it!!!!

Cute, darling little boy, and one of my favorite breed of dogs. I had a beagle mixed with docsund, named Brooks, and what a cute blend that made.

God bless all, and Happy New Year!!!

Tim Brown said...

When he started coming at you with that bat, I was wincing a bit!