27 April 2012

This is where I am today

by Phil Johnson

ook the redeye from LAX to Boston last night. (I'm sure you'll be able to tell that when this video is complete. I'll be the character asleep in the corner.) The video promises to be intriguing: a free-ranging conversation among three very intelligent men and one jet-lagged blogger. I proposed calling it "Band of Curmudgeons" or "The Emergency Room." Abendroth didn't go for my suggestions.

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donsands said...

That looks like a gathering of saints the devils in this world will hate.
The truth of the Gospel in it's simplicity and depth is what we need for our hearts and minds.
May our Lord bless this ministry for His church at large, and for His glory.
Thanks Phil. And you fit very well with the others.look forward to being edified.

Made me think of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC2vvncga4U

Have a terrific Lord's day in Spirit and truth.

candy said...

Phil...are you going to be at Mike Abendroth's church this Sunday? If so, maybe Bruce and I will come visit.

Sir Brass said...

From what James White was saying, I figured the name settled upon was "The Emergency Room."

Frank Turk said...

Nobody ever likes our suggestions, darn it.

Charlene said...

Sweet. Can't wait for this one.

Phil Johnson said...


No, I'll be flying home tomorrow and I'll be teaching in GraceLife Sunday morning.

candy said...

Thanks Phil. Bruce and I have visited Bethlehem Bible Church before, but it is a bit of a drive. Maybe if you teach sometime in the Northeast, we can make it and say hello. Other than that, can't wait to hear the audio.

Nonna said...

Keith Green (may his memory be blessed) had a song called, "No Compromise." Of course he wasn't a Calvinist - far from it. :-)