18 December 2013

Proverbs book now available for pre-order on Logos

by Dan Phillips

A number of you have been interested in getting God's Wisdom in Proverbs in Logos format... well, including me! The good news is that now it's available for pre-order at Logos for under $16. Moneywise, this is the best time to order a book from Logos.

Since publication, folks have asked about getting the book on Kindle. As I've always said, I don't think this would be the best book for Kindle (of which I know no plans), given all the FOOTnotes. But (I've always said) I think it'd be perfect for Logos.

And now... here y'go!

It didn't ruin my day much to get this congrats from someone who bought both my books:
Let me ask you a favor, if I may. Many of you have used the book and encouraged me with the ways in which it's been helpful to you. Would you mind going over to Logos and rating it, and reviewing it so that folks will know why they should pre-order the book? I'd appreciate it.

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jbboren said...

Pre-ordered mine yesdiddy.

Anonymous said...

Praise God!