20 January 2015

See you soon!

by Dan Phillips

Howdy, as we say in Texas.

As we're looking forward to seeing y'all in just a few days, preparations are going on busily all over. That includes the pastor's study!

So for once I'm not going to pare off the time to shape and shine and perfect a post. What we're all doing, including what I'm doing, will show in what you enjoy when you sit down with us here for our first-ever back-together-again-for-the-first-time Pyromaniacs Sufficient Fire conference.

It's stacking up to be a fun, encouraging, edifying time. We all appreciate your prayers.

According to the weather, bring warm clothes and a rain jacket.

See you Friday!

PS — if you're unable to come but want to support what we're doing, contact Josh Feinberg.

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Tim said...

Wish I could be there (long way from Mnpls.), but look forward to good reports. Blessings to you all!

todd wilkinson said...

Are you guys recording these sessions (either audio or video)? Thanks

DJP said...

Thanks for wanting to see these talks made available to a larger audience, Todd. Please contact Josh, and he'll let you know how you could be of support.

Pastor Nathan Dick said...

Looking forward to the event. Bring warm clothes? I don't know where mine are at anymore, but I'm coming anyway. Do I need to bring my Bible?

DJP said...

You'd leave home without your Bible, brother? (c;

There are pew Bibles if you forget.

Pastor Nathan Dick said...

OK...that was just a joke. Albeit a not so funny one. I have had people say that to me when we do Bible studies and I am constantly amazed. Please forgive me.

DJP said...

Oh, I knew that! just funnin' back atcha.

Right there with you. "It's called a BIBLE study... and... you didn't think...?"

JackW said...

I find myself wishing I could be in two places at once. Work load prevents me from attending, but I’m thankful for the work. Maybe there will be a next time.

DJP said...

That depends on the degree of support shown for the first time, I'd say.

Frank Turk said...

Nathan: I got the joke. It was perfect.

Can't wait to see my favorite rural pastor again this weekend.