13 January 2015

Tip: thinking of teaching/preaching Philippians? Not...just...yet

by Dan Phillips

Next month an absolutely splendid commentary on Philippians is coming in the Mentor Commentary series. It's by my friend Dr. Matthew Harmon, Professor of NT Studies at Grace College and Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, IN.

The good doctor did me the favor of checking my translations and Greek comments in The World-Tilting Gospel. Then, turnabout being fair play, Matt asked me to read and offer pastoral comments on his manuscript for this commentary. I was happy to oblige.

...and, as I went through the manuscript, I was happier and happier that I'd obliged! It's rare to find a commentary that reflects top-notch academics and a heart warm with passion for Christ and His Gospel. But that's just what you find in this volume. Harmon has done the church a real service, and set an example for Christian academics. I see this volume being used for years to come.

Get the word out. Mentor doesn't have the publicity machinery that Crossway and others have, so this book would be well-served by enthusiastic word-of-mouth. I'm seeing hopeful signs that those who have the ears of many won't let this one languish in obscurity, and that's very, very good. I hope they give it the notice it deserves, so it can gain the audience it should have.

Which is just what I'm doing right now.

For my part, I wouldn't want to preach or teach through Philippians without Harmon's book on my shelf.

Pre-order it, and you won't be sorry.

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Terry Rayburn said...

Now you just wrecked Osteen's new series, "Philipping Through Philippians".

Wait, it's a commentary on the actual Bible?


Terry Rayburn said...

Perhaps I shouldn't joke about the tragedy of 35,000 precious souls bringing their Bibles to church for the sole purpose of holding them above their heads and chanting about them in unison, then tucking them away for the rest of the service, as useless and ignored as unsweet tea at a Southern picnic.

Jason Stamper said...

Will there be a kindle version of this book? It's expensive to ship books overseas.

DJP said...

Free shipping anywhere here: http://bit.ly/1ybF6lx.

DJP said...

And wait... you're in America, aren't you? How are you concerned about "overseas"? It'll be at Amazon (http://amzn.to/1ybFxMp), elsewhere.

Jason Stamper said...

I am moving to the Philippines in the summer. Shipping is rather expensive. I am looking to digitize as much as possible.