19 July 2015

What we want

Your weekly Dose of Spurgeon
The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from the lifetime of works from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  The following excerpt is from The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, volume 42, sermon number 2,469, "The incomparable bridegroom and His bride."
"We do hope that we have something Christ-like about us; but oh, how little it is! How many imperfections there are! How much is there of the old Adam, and how little of the new creature in Christ Jesus!" 

Archbishop Usher was once asked to write a treatise upon Sanctification; this he promised to do, but six months rolled away, and the good Archbishop had not written a sentence. He said to a friend, “I have not begun the treatise, yet I cannot confess to a breach of my promise, for, to tell you the truth, I have done my best to write upon the subject; but when I came to look into my own heart, I saw so little of sanctification there, and found that so much which I could have written would have been merely by rote as a parrot might have talked, that I had not the courage to write it.”

Yet, if ever there was a man renowned for holiness, it was Archbishop Usher; if ever there was a saintly man who seemed to be one of the seraphic spirits permitted to stray beyond the companionship of his kind among poor earth-worms here, it was Usher; yet this is the confession that he makes concerning himself! Where, then, shall we hide our diminished heads?

I am sure we may all say, with good Mr. Fletcher, of Madeley, who was another bright example of seraphic holiness, that what we want is more grace. He had written a pamphlet on some political matter and Lord North wrote to know what he could give him in return. His answer was, “I need what your lordship cannot give me,—more grace.”

That is also true of us, we want more grace. It is to be had; and if we had it, and it transformed us into what we should be, oh, what lives of happiness and of holiness we might lead here below, and what mighty workers should we be for our Lord Jesus Christ! How would his dear name be made to sound to the utmost ends of the earth!

I fear it is but a dream; but just conceive that all of you, the members of this church, were made to be truly saintly, saints of the first water, saints who had cast off the sloth of worldliness and had come out in the full glory of newness of life in Christ Jesus, oh, what a power might this church become in London, and what a power to be felt the wide world over!

Let us seek it, let us strive after it, recollecting that it is a truth never to be denied, that only in proportion to the sanctity and spirituality of our character will our influence be for good amongst the sons of men.


donsands said...

Superb words from the "prince of preachers". Thanks for shring bro. I have not been to Pyro for a good while, and then to read this on my first visit blew my spiritual flip flops off.
I was talking and praying to our Savior today, and said how I feel like Samson with all his coveting, and David with his adulteress heart, and Lot hanging out next to people who vexed him, and Peter denying, and Thomas doubting, and Jonah, and on and on. And yet there is His grace, and times when i am able to be a Paul, and a young David, and a Simon Peter proclaiming, "You are the Christ!", without any shame, but humble bold love for Jesus.

Thanks again for posting Spurgeon. And thank you Dan for keeping Pyro going.

This is for you Dan, to see if you recognize it:

"Although our task is never done
You know we know it
You ought to know it's just begun
You know we know it"

DJP said...

You know I do!

donsands said...

I knew you would!
Was just sitting back and listening to a little of their album numero II, and thought of you. My favorite album.

DJP said...

It is their jazziest album. I am always hard pressed when asked which is my favorite. It is very hard to say. The first album is a marvel; the 5th and 6th are very good...