13 April 2006

Heads up

by Phil Johnson

At the moment, John MacArthur is scheduled to be part of a panel on "Larry King Live" tonight, discussing the issues of celibacy and marriage.

As I understand it, the topic is prompted by one of those ubiquitous and misnamed "Reality" shows slated to premier on some network or another. In the coming semi-documentary series, titled "God or the Girl," I'm told, four candidates for the Catholic priesthood are faced with various enticements to see if they will choose marriage or the obligatory vow of celibacy.

Larry King wants to talk about the issue, and he'll be asking John MacArthur and other panelists for their thoughts on celibacy, the priesthood, reality TV, and whatever.

King's "religion panels" are always an adventure in Kafkaesque absurdity. He likes to plant MacArthur between Deepak Chopra and Father Michael Manning. Despite Manning's smarmy, grinning, "I'm OK/you're OK" approach to every difficult issue, and Deepak's professed desire to be harmonious with everything in the imaginary pantheist universe he inhabits, both of them regularly find it impossible to stifle their visible and audible outpourings of contempt for MacArthur.

I don't actually know who's actually going to be on the panel tonight, but if I were a betting man...

Well, anyway—meanwhile, Bob Schieffer is doing something about the Emerging Church on the CBS evening news. Good thing I've got Tivo.

Incidentally, King's "scheduled" topics are always subject to change or cancellation at the last minute. If that happens, this post will automatically self-destruct and the secretary will disavow any knowledge of its existence.

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Mike Y said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll setup the Tivo to capture it. I just love these fair and objective discussions on Christianity. Please read all the sarcasm you want in that last statement.

Anyway, it should be entertaining.



Unknown said...

.....if I were a betting man...


donsands said...

Pastor MacArthur is the man!

Gordon said...

Does Michael Manning smile when he cries? That grin is frozen on his face. It looks like something from "Divine Vinyl" over at Purgatorio.

Nathan White said...

Wow, did anyone see the program? MacArthur came out guns blazing as usual. Praise the Lord. Tradition was called 'doctrines of demons', sin was called sin, and the clear gospel was once again proclaimed. What a blessing it was to see him stand up for the truth. I am praising our Lord for that one.

Although, the contempt of the others at what he said was sad indeed. I was just waiting for MacArthur to say 'you guys need to repent of this made-up religion', but I think they would have tackled him on that one :)


TxSkypilot said...

I watched it.

Four Catholic priests vs. John MacArthur? They'll need more ammo than that :-)

(CJ's feelings on smilies not withstanding).

candy said...

Bummer. I didn't see it. I always appreciate when MacArthur is on Larry King instead of Olsteen or Warren. The gospel is always clearly presented.

JackW said...

Amazing, I have yet to catch one of these and I even went to the CNN site to see what was going to be on ... but it showed something different than what actually aired. I checked because I figured with all the noise about the nonGospel of Judas that he would be doing something on it and invite MacArthur.

I even read this site, but missed the notice thanks to James posting another great read! Thanks James!

I read the transcript though and John's focus on Biblical thinking is just awe inspiring.

Nathan White said...

You can find the transcript HERE, its well worth the read.