14 July 2008

A Follow-up to Friday's Post

by Phil Johnson

One more thing about language games and the politics of war and justice...
(First posted 14 July 2005—exactly three years ago today)

have another thought about political correctness and our use of the word terrorism. Someone will doubtless try to frame this as a contradiction of what I posted [Friday], but it's really just the flip side of the same point:

Sometimes the term terrorism itself is employed in a way that deliberately muddies reality. Such as in the expression "The War on Terror."

It irks me that we always speak of the current unpleasantness as a battle against "terrorism." It troubles me that everyone from George Bush to Billy Graham is so keen to insist that Islam is "a religion of peace," as if this fight had nothing to do with Islam but were only about the principle of terrorism. And it drives me insane to see how the mainstream media, the government, and even most Western religious leaders are programed so that they regularly, automatically, and mindlessly intone the same mantra: "The troubles in the world today have nothing whatsoever to do with religion."

In the days when plain-speaking was deemed a virtue, we would have called the strife that now dominates western society what is in reality: a war against radical Islamists and their fanatical belief system. As a matter of fact, the conflict that dominates world news today has everything to do with religion. The aggressors have all been fanatical adherents to one religion in particular.

Here's a clue: It's not the Amish.

Let's face the truth honestly: There is not a great deal of diversity among our enemies in the present conflict. They are all members of the growing jihadist death-cult that cannot be divorced from Islamic fundamentalism. Unless we identify the enemy clearly and focus our energies on defeating that enemy (instead of the vague and ethereal principle we call "terrorism"), we cannot hope to win the war.

Furthermore—as difficult as this is for our secularized, humanistic, postmodernized culture to come to grips with—all religions are not the same. False religion is downright deadly. It is sometimes just as deadly in a worldly and temporal sense as it is in the eternal and spiritual sense. False religion is always evil, though not always manifestly so. But in this case, it is overtly and conspicuously diabolical. Unless we face that fact honestly and courageously, we will never defeat the evil.

This is not a good time in American history for the language police to have the upper hand. It's not an auspicious climate for postmodern sensitivities to color our country's foreign policy. And my expectation is that things are going to continue to get worse for our side in "The War on Terror"—until we wake up and declare war on the Islamofascists, who, after all, are the real enemies here.

Lest we forget:

Lest we forget
From the Washington Post, 13 September 2001

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: I want to make something perfectly clear, because I am pretty sure someone will try to twist the point I am making: I'm not calling for any kind of hostility against all Islam. I realize not all Muslims affirm the radical principles of the jihadists. There are indeed many peaceful Muslims. I know some of them personally. My complaint here is not with them. The point I am making in the above post is about their fundamentalist brothers who think they have a mandate from Allah to exterminate "infidels."

(It needs to be said, however, that if the genuinely peaceful Muslims had been more outspoken from the start in condemning the radical extremists in their midst, the problem would not be nearly as great as it is today. You can bet that if Pentecostals started beheading apostates—or even if they merely threatened to break the kneecaps of people who disagree with their beliefs—all of Christendom would rise together in unison to condemn them loudly. For whatever reasons—perhaps related to the ease with which radical Islamists issue fatwas—that sort of clear and high-volume protest has not even yet been forthcoming from the Muslim "mainstream.")

However, I am not suggesting that because our enemies are driven by religious belief, we ought to wage a "holy war," and advance a different religious cause in favor of Christianity. Biblical Christianity has never advanced at the point of a sword, nor should it (John 18:36).

What I am saying is that our adversaries (who are not merely America's foes, but the mortal enemies of all civilized culture) have formed a large and growing jihadist death-cult. Until that cult is either subdued or eliminated, the strife will continue. Those administering the war on behalf of the civilized world need to face up to that fact and plan their strategy accordingly. The jihadists have made it clear that they will not be pacified. They do not fear death, but love it. Their belief system is the problem, even though the hypertolerant postmodern mind is loath to admit it—or to say that anyone's beliefs are "wrong." But if we don't break out of the postmodern miasma and come to grips with reality here, civilization itself will continue to be tortured and tormented by misguided religious thugs acting in the name of Allah.

I'm sorry to be so un-PC, but reality itself is not PC. If you doubt me, I can point you to a couple of websites that have graphic photographs of several beheaded victims of the jihad.


stratagem said...

I applaud your honesty and courage to speak the truth on a subject that many want to cover over in diplomatic terms.

donsands said...

Excellent post.

Thanks. America's downfall will be because of this PC craziness. And the wrong kind of people understand this fact.

Frank Turk said...

You see how many times Phil can post if what he's posting he wriote a long tiem ago? It's like letting the genie out of the bottle.

Bruce Mills said...

The post may be three years old, but it is just as fresh and true today as it was back then.

m.e. said...

Excellent post! I agree with "donsands" completely. I work in a secular company and the game of political correctness is both extremely tiring and extremely agitating. Why can't others see the hypocrisy inherent in this form of speech?

Dave .... said...

A great source of data and synthesis on this topic is Mark Steyn's "America Alone" (2006). He debunks the "religion of peace" angle and warns that time is on their side, not ours.

Phil, you're a faithful watchman. Good post.

Susan said...

A courageous and fearless post, Phil. Makes me wistful--if Abraham and Sarah had only waited and inquired of the Lord, perhaps Ishmael would never have been born--and we wouldn't have some of his descendants who are so bent on terrorizing other people. Yet even now the Lord is in control....

Tim Brown said...

Thanks Phil,

Today I saw a report on CNN about two women that were shot dead. They were accused of being prostitues. Of course, the accusations can just be manufactured.

It was shocking to try to bring myself to the realization that I was, in fact, witnessing a wholesale murder.

Yes, we need to wake up. And yes, I agree with Donsands. All this PC nonsense will be our downfall. I think we're past the brink already.

Preson said...

Would you mind defining what exactly you mean by "the civilized world"?

pastorbrianculver said...

The PC movement within the church is appalling too. Did you hear about the church in OKC that was giving away a semiautomatic assault rifle at a youth conference? They had to cancel it because the media got wind of it, but they plan to give the gun away next year. No doubt, without any fanfare! I wrote about it yesterday and there is a video. It is shocking to see how God's Word has to be muddied by a political correctness attitude that says, "I think the kids need to know how to use a gun..."

Wes ("Theophilus") Walker said...

On that topic, I found this nifty little link:

Hate Speech? (Not According to CAIR)(Link: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Articles/Quran_Hate.htm )

From a web page chronicling some of Islamo-fascism's activities in recent years.


eastendjim said...

Unless we identify the enemy clearly and focus our energies on defeating that enemy (instead of the vague and ethereal principle we call "terrorism"), we cannot hope to win the war.

I just don't see a military or political solution though. They need the gospel.

Gabriel Perteet said...

well said eastendjim