08 July 2006

Bad day

by Phil Johnson

This was going to be a very hectic weekend in any case, but—wow.

I'm just finishing a monster project (a major book I have been editing for at least 3 months), and I needed to do one final read-through and final edit on the manuscript today. Also, Don Green was suddenly called out of town Friday afternoon, and he asked me to fill in for him in the GraceLife pulpit Sunday, so I also needed to spend a major portion of the day preparing. (Normally, it takes me a minimum of 8 hours for me to prepare 50 minutes of teaching.) On top of that, I needed to get a haircut and mow the lawn.

But the day started (while I was still having coffee) with a phone call from son number two, Jedidiah, telling Darlene he needed our help. He and his dear wife were riding their bikes this morning in Santa Clarita, and a car hit her bike. Jed said Anne wasn't badly injured but he wanted us to come get them because he didn't think she could ride the bike back to their house. They were only 2.5 miles from our house. Of course we left immediately.

When we arrived at the scene, however, it turned out to be somewhat more grim than Jed's low-key description had prepared us for. Anne was still lying on the sidewalk. The car that hit her was still stopped just beyond the point of impact. Multiple police cars were there, and an ambulance arrived moments later. Anne was fully conscious, however, and said she didn't think she was badly hurt. But she did complain several times that her feet hurt.

Here's what happened: The car was turning out of a parking lot, and the driver (trying to get into a gap in the oncoming line of traffic) neglected to look both ways. He was stopped completely when Anne started to cross in front of him. She thought he had seen her. Jed had just crossed in front of the same car himself, and Anne was only a few feet behind. But just as she crossed in front of the car, the driver gunned it to try to get into a gap. The car was a low-slung Corvette, so the bumper hit at the level of her feet. She landed on his hood, then rolled off when he screeched to a stop.

Anyway, the ambulance transported her to the hospital, where they took x-rays that revealed a broken toe. She also has multiple bruises and abrasions, but thankfully nothing worse. She's amazingly upbeat and perky about the whole ordeal.

After things calmed down, I ended up mowing the lawn at 2:00, when the temperature in our valley was 106. (Fortunately, it's a dry heat.) I got the haircut; revamped some old notes for tomorrow; and began the final read-through of the manuscript.

I suppose that sounds like a really bad day, but given how much worse it could have been, we're thanking the Lord for His goodness and grace.

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Matthew said...

I am so sory to hear of this, Phil, and I join you and your family in prayers for a full recovery...

Mike Y said...


Praise God is wasn't much worse. And I will certainly pray for your family and that there are no complications as a result of this accident.

I'm an avid biker (150-200 miles per week) and cannot recall the number of close calls I've had. She has just lived out one of my big fears. Others in my area haven't been so fortunate as even her.

It is amazing how God can take a busy and hectic schedule and get you to pause for a moment to appreciate his grace on such a personal level.

I wish you all well.

Janet said...

My husband rides a road bike so I pray often for his safety. I will pray for a full recovery. God is very good. :)

Call to Die said...

O praise God! I was seriously worried that you were going to report that your daughter-in-law was paralyzed!

Posted with prayer,

FX Turk said...

I just wanted to add here that one of the things about the Johnson men is that somehow, they all marry way above their station. I have of course met Darlene, and mentally called Phil's good fortune a fluke.

However, when I got the Johnson family C-card last year -- which was a family photo -- I was struck by two things: the obvious famly resemblance amongst the men (poor Darlene -- they all more or less look like Phil), and Jedidiah's obvious inheritance of his father's amazing spiritual gift of attracting a wife who could have done a lot better.

If Pecadillo and Jeremiah have Jed and Phil's obvious good fortune, they should together write a book.

Gordon said...

Wow, sounds like a full week packed into one day. I hope your daughter-in-law has a speedy recovery. Thank God it wasn't more serious.

4given said...

I think we all appreciate the opportunity to bring praises before the Lord for your family that it was not much worse. I am surprised that you did not pass out from mowing your lawn in that heat.

Caleb Kolstad said...

I'll be praying for Jed and Anne. Say "hi" to them for me as well!



LeeC said...

On a lighter note, thoroughly messed up Dave Salvedurai last night by asking him if he had an update on how your daughter-in-law was doing.

He started to tell me what you said in church, and then stopped and went "Hey! How do you know about that already?"

Then I had to tell him about the secret world of computer geeks...

LeeC said...


That would be "*I* thoroughly"

Pecadillo said...

"Multiple police cars were there..."

Correction: Multiple Los Angeles County Sheriff’s cars were there. The REAL police don't require backup for minor traffic accidents, even when the victim is my sister-in-law/2nd favorite cook.

* My #1 favorite cook is the guy that makes the spicy arrabbiata pizza at Buca di Beppo.

FX Turk said...


Waiddaminit. Anne gets in a scrape with a 'vette and you didn't cross juristictions to make sure she was OK?

Dude: I hope that donut was worth it.

Frank Martens said...

Oooh Ouch! Low blow from across the U.S.

Terry Lange said...

After hearing about this unfortunate accident and listening to my mother (who lives in Stevenson Ranch) talk about the traffic, now I am convinced that there are too many people in Santa Clarita or maybe too many cars!

DaCatster said...

I work in a level 1 trauma pediatric ER in Chicago, sounds like she had a lucky day.

I deal with parents all the time that have a true really bad day.