18 July 2006

A note about the stuff in the sidebar

by Phil Johnson

everal days ago, (as if writing a blog weren't already narcissistic enough) I added a box in the right sidebar that lists what I'm reading, what I'm listening to, and what I've seen here and there that I like. In honor of our own Frank Turk, I titled it "Where I Am Right Now.®"

But it has room for no more than six items at a time, and I keep updating the links, so in order to preserve a record, I decided to make a permanent list titled "Where I Was Last Week . . . and all the weeks before that."

(I realize that title is a gross exaggeration at the moment, since it has only about one week's data. But presumably it will grow into its name.)

Best of all, the permanent list allows me to color code entries, so that I can identify things I strongly recommend as well as things I strongly disavow. Beyond that, I'm not going to comment. I'll just keep the running list as up to date as possible.

Try the musical offerings in the "On my iPod" list; you won't be disappointed. My musical tastes may seem eclectic, but it's good stuff.

To get to the backlist, click on the match in the box in the sidebar.

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Matthew said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Phil, but you're never going to be able to understand that NT Wright article unless you first read everything he's ever written, ever... and even then, it doesn't look good for you.

Craig Schwarze said...

Thanks for that Phil - I'm always looking for new things to read, and this will provide ideas. It would be great if they T4G guys did something similar...

Craig Schwarze said...

Come to think of it, perhaps the other Pyros could also share what they are reading at the moment...

Mister Larry said...

Ugh... you just had to post a picture similar to that annoying "Head On: Apply Directly to the Forehead....Head On: Apply Directly to the Forehead....Head On: Apply Directly to the Forehead" commercial. At least it wasn't Chiquita again in her 'immodest' attire.... the fundy-fascists would have lurked back here again to complain, gripe, and annoy us with their obsession over being offended. :::sigh:::

Steve said...

I noted the sidebar with interest the other day, and almost made a wisecrack about it having Frank Turk's favorite title, but restrained myself.

The only drawback to sharing your reading selections is I'll end up buying more books. I'm already coveting that Calvinistic Baptists volume.

FX Turk said...


You see -- I have created a meme which even Phil must participate in. "This is where I am right now" continues to be the most valuable advice on the internet today, and even if it isn't, it is formative in Phil's worldview and lectionary.

I have even heard that they are making t-shirts about it. Go figure -- I've been knocked off.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Thanks for posting this stuff Phil. I am definitely interested. I would love to know your top 5 classical music selections.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Cool. I like it. I like to see if my interests match up with the greats. While I still can't do that, I can check myself against you.

(laughing uncontrollably)

Steve said...


The maker of the T-shirts is none other than PyroFan Carla Rolfe?

And I thought you were the consumate opportunistic merchandiser.

Your advice is among the reasons I've refrained from starting a blog...yet.

DJP said...

CraigS -- Come to think of it, perhaps the other Pyros could also share what they are reading at the moment...

Thanks for implying that (A) there are other Pyros and (B) they may Be Somewhere Right Now too.


Jim Crigler said...

I've gotta admit, I was somewhere in the continuum between surprised and shocked to see a link to Homestar Runner. Who put you on? I mean, who put you on to that?

FX Turk said...


I just finished a book which I blogged at my other blog. The one in which I can't get bumped by Dan when he suddenly realizes that I posted something and he can't stand that I'm the lead post on the blog.kruc

Kim said...


Is the lady in the picture applying Tiger Balm?

DJP said...

centuri0n -- The one in which I can't get bumped by Dan when he suddenly realizes that I posted something and he can't stand that I'm the lead post on the blog

Ah. So that's what they mean by "projection."


Phil Johnson said...

CraigS: "perhaps the other Pyros could also share what they are reading at the moment..."

Yeah, I'm sorry to be such a blog-hog, taking over the whole sidebar like that. But this is my only blog, and the other Pyros all blog elsewhere, so I have only the mildest angst about my staking out so much territory in the sidebar.

Centuri0n: It's my all-time favorite Frank-meme. Soon after you made that post, I began sneaking the "where I am right now" idea into as many of my posts as possible. I like having it as a permanent feature in the sidebar.

Jonathan Moorhead: " I would love to know your top 5 classical music selections. "

Classical music doesn't exactly lend itself to lists of top hits, and limiting my favorites to five is an almost impossible restriction, so that's a hard one to answer. Here, based on my "Top 25 most played" list in iTunes, is a off-the-top-of-my-head reply:

1. Ravel's "Le Tombeau de Couperin" (see today's sidebar)
2. Bach's Cantata BWV 106 "Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit"
(Actus Tragicus). You could add all of Bach's sacred work to this category and move it to number one, where it would have no near competitor.
3. Rachmaninoff's 2nd symphony
4. Poulenc's "Gloria"
5. Mahler's 5th symphony
Bonus: Aaron Copland's "Las Agachadas." This little ditty is my number-one most-played iTunes track. I like the version on the Sony complete Copland collection. Here's a free and easily-downloadable .mp3 of a different performance. It's not as good as the Sony recording, but still fun.

Jim Crigler:

Homestar Runner has been one of my guilty pleasures since their first crude flash video appeared. Then when I joined the blogosphere in 2005, the nickname bestowed on me by the miscreants at the Boar's Head Tavern blog was "The Burninator." Look closely at the print on the shirt in this caricature, and you'll see the artist featured the Trogdor theme prominently.


No, that's a product called "HeadOn," which lately has advertised heavily on American TV with these really annoying ads. The company also has an equally obnoxious advert for hemorrhoid cream, and the two commercials usually run one after the other. No kidding. Readers can supply their own punch lines. Just don't post them in the comments thread. Remember rule 2.

philness said...

speaking of "sidebar" who's the dude in the Pulpit Live box thats pointing at everybody?

FX Turk said...

I love it when you do that Phil.

And no, you cannot be just like me when you grow up.


FX Turk said...

I am also so mad that you got a "Legends of the Modern Reformation" caricature and I got nothin'.

It's a life plan goal -- I have those now that I have finish Covey 7 habits training.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Phil, thanks for the list and the links.

Kim said...


Thanks for the update on the lady in the picture.

I think I'll just pretend it's Tiger Balm.

Neil said...

Teen Girl Squad is brilliant. StrongBad is a genius.

Phil Johnson said...

BTW, the artist at the "Hall of Contemporary Reformers is Stephen Hesselman, a very talented artistic genius.

The caricature of me hasn't been posted anywhere until now, though it will no doubt show up in a post one of these days. Or maybe I'll find a way to work it into the rotating blogheaders.

Solameanie said...

Phil and company..

I take a bit of R&R in the Ozarks and what do I come back to find? The potential controversy and perceived threat to orthodoxy that comes from an "eclectic" taste in music.

I imagine if you stick to classical offerings, you will encounter little difficulty unless you are listening to Wagner. My own tastes are fairly eclectic, but I have little tolerance for country (long story stemming from both my upbringing and my secular radio days).

I will begin to be gravely concerned if I see you listening to Lawrence Welk, The Magic Organ, Hawaiian Melodies, the Too Fat Polka, or other assorted dirges and keening.

Try listening to the Electric Light Orchestra's "Roll Over Beethoven." At least that's in your proper age bracket. :)

Solameanie said...


Has anyone ever told you that the head shot in your post is reminiscent of the leader of Tears for Fears?

Do you want to rule the world? :)

Phil Johnson said...


Everybody wants to rule the world.

Good thing you set some limits for me. I almost linked to my favorite track by the inimitable Spike Jones: "Never hit your Grandma with a shovel (It makes a bad impression on her mind)"

Matthew said...

Sola Meanie,

While I can't say that I want to rule the world, I do like to sometimes shout-shout and let-it-all-out - but then something-happens-and-I'm-head-over-heels, I-never-find-out-until-I'm-head-over-heels...

Whew, I think I sprained something... uh, in my head.

marc said...

I went and checked and Phil really wasn't where he said he was "Right Now". I think he is using it a ruse to confuse assasins as to his whereabouts. Just a theory, mind you.

FX Turk said...


That's because Ninjas are easily confused, but pirates? Pirates are truly evil.

Joe said...

That has to be the most obnoxious commercial (right after the Ford commercial using that idol guy).

But it got our attention!

Taliesin said...

Pirates are truly evil.

Except for the Pirates of Penance, of course, who visit the confessional after making someone talk with Frank.

Time to wonder back into the corn field.

Unknown said...

The color coding can lead to a slight state of confusion.... maybe TulipGirl font should be in red and Ezzo Week 2006 font should be in black, to keep with the color theme;) At least that's what I hope your trying to say...


Phil Johnson said...


Apparently the color coding was ambiguous. The grey means I found something abominable. The red means I highly recommend it. The black wasn't supposed to mean anything one way or the other, but since it generally signifies something I liked, I made the color-key reflect that. Maybe I'll add another color for things that are disappointing but not quite abominable.

Dr Stanley said...

glad you are reading the NT Wright article. interested to hear your thoughts.

Carla Rolfe said...

Steve said:

"The maker of the T-shirts is none other than PyroFan Carla Rolfe? And I thought you were the consumate opportunistic merchandiser."

Frank taught me everything I know. A good sidekick pays close attention, ya know?


candy said...

My goodness. Spike Jones. I thought I was the only person I knew who grew up with Spike Jones. My mother's favorite was
The Flight of the Bumblebee (all performed by laughter).

Solameanie said...


Actually, I think the most obnoxious commercial running now is the ubiquitous "This is Bob" of "Enzyte" fame. I have seldom been more tempted to take a baseball bat to the television as I am when that Stepford-grinning harlequin pops up on screen. I recently posted a "get rid of Bob" protest on my blog. Unfortunately, he's still on. I've been praying that everyone who takes Enzyte will break out in a severe case of hives.

As for homosexual-friendly Ford these days, have you caught the commercial where this family is on an all-day outing, only to have it turn out that the "family" is a divorced family, with the booted-out hubby thankful to be included in the outing? Wonder what message they're trying to send with that one? No wonder Ford sales are in the tank.

Sorry to hijack this thread, but I couldn't resist comment.