28 April 2011

Pray for Chris Anderson and his mission to Uganda

by Dan Phillips

Pastor Chris Anderson is a good brother and a good guy. I've enjoyed reading his posts at his blog, profited from listening to sermons he preached at his church, and enjoyed meeting him (too briefly) at T4G08.

What's more, Chris was an extremely helpful reader of my World-Tilting Gospel manuscript as it was being readied. The Proverbs 27:17 bloodying he gave my precious darling was absolutely essential; I'll owe him forever for that favor.

So now Chris is heading to minister to pastors in Uganda, as of next week. He plans to open up the book of Colossians at a Pastoral conference in Uganda, where they are preparing for 20,000 to be in attendance. You can read more about the incredible logistics required in preparation for this conference. Also, Challies interviewed Chris' brother Jeff, who works with International Bible Conference. Clearly, given the fourteen studies we've had up here at Pyro, Chris is loving a book I love as well. Colossians is a perfect choice for that situation.

In fact, Chris said my studies helped more than any commentary he read.

Okay, I completely made that one up. Ahem. Back to serious:

What an opportunity. Pray for Chris' safety, for His care for Chris' wife and daughters as he's gone, and for the Lord to fill Chris with His Spirit. Pray that the sound teaching of the Word of the Lord might speed and spread through and take deep root in that continent, to produce abundant fruit, that Christ might be glorified.

And if you can give, financial support is still needed and will be appreciated. For instance, $15 would put a Bible in the hands of a Ugandan pastor. That would be a good investment in Kingdom work.

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Andy Naselli said...

Chris Anderson is the real deal. Great guy. Loves God. Thinks deeply. Worth supporting.

Joe Tyrpak, one of my accountability partners, is a fellow pastor with Chris Anderson in Ohio, and Joe speaks very highly of Chris.

Mark Patton said...

At a particular crucial time in my ministry/spiritual development, God allowed me to discover Dan and his great stuff here and at his blog. I was "swimming out of my usual pool," but was happy to see that things I was "discovering" weren't stange. Then one day (not sure when), Dan mentioned a fish from my "old pool" and I got curious.
Let's just say it has been profitable. I have enjoyed Chris' ministries through blogging, hymn writing, and messages. This trip is certainly worth our prayers.

PS: Chris, I still would like to see those pictures man -- they really must be good.

stratagem said...

I tried to give at the IBC website to the cause, but after 4 times punching all my information in and getting error messages, I gave up. Sometimes it was Captcha, sometimes unknown errors.
If they want to get funded they'd better fix whatever IT issues are preventing people from completing the transaction. Thanks.

DJP said...

God bless you for wanting to and for trying, Strat. I'll try to get you an answer on that.

Chris Anderson said...

I don't know what to say, Dan, other than thank you for your exceedingly kind words, and more importantly, for your prayers. I'm very aware of our need for the Lord to do what we cannot.

Strat, I've mentioned your difficulty to Jeff. Hopefully the problem will be resolved right away. Wait a bit, then try again?

Grateful for grace. Psalm 115:1.

donsands said...

Wow 4 girls.
I shall put your pic up on my office wall with all the other missionaries, on my "Missionary Wall" and keep you in prayer as often as possible.

It's essential for pastors to be encouraged and built-up in their faith of love for Christ. Lord bless Uganda with the Word of Your grace, and make many disciples from this nation. Amen.

Jeff Anderson said...

Thanks for wanting to be part. Several contributions have been received this morning... so I am unsure what could have been the problem earlier.
The old fashioned way is International Bible Conference 5075 Flintridge Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80918
As of yesterday 24,000 are registered for next week!!

stratagem said...

It worked this time - thanks!