02 January 2012

Listen to This

by Phil Johnson

hris Rosebrough interviews Dan Phillips. The subject: The World-Tilting Gospel. The venue: My favorite Web-based radio program.

This is not merely promo for Dan's book (which deserves all the promo it gets); it's an engaging and edifying discussion about the gospel and its ramifications. Plus, Dan gives his testimony. A great kickoff for the New Year.

Click HERE for the link to listen.

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Deb W. said...

Excellent interview!
Hey... what happened to the star rating system?? I wanted to give this 5 stars. Haven't seen the stars in quite a while.

Douglas said...

"Plus, Dan gives his testimony."

Does he include his practice of the occult art of Karate in his testimony? And Karate IS demonic. Why do professing Christians practice the occult?

Even the head of the Reformed Baptist Seminary practices the occult art of Aikido. Aikido is not self defence, non of the martial arts are, they are all the art of killing. How come Christians are so blind to this demonic realm? Are they that much of a cessationist that they cannot discern spirits at all?

If God opened all of their eyes at once they would get one big shock...

Suzanne said...

Whoa, whoa, WHOA!!!! Don't let Mr. Mr. Mr. Friel find out that Wretched isn't your favorite web-based radio program. I do hate to see grown men cry.