10 March 2007

Some things you should know about

by Phil Johnson

hat with all the hectic preparations for the Shepherds' Conference, and especially the busyness of the week itself, I've had to stifle my blog-output. And I've been juggling a few short items in my mind that I keep meaning to blog about. Here they are all at once:

  1. John MacArthur
    John MacArthur
    The "Grace to You" telecast is now streaming on the Web and available for podcast. These weekly programs are each an hour long, featuring a complete sermon by John MacArthur from the pulpit of Grace Community Church.


  2. For Pyro readers over forty who are single, striving to serve Christ faithfully, and looking for fellowship with like-minded people: you ought to go to this conference. Registration cost, including all meals, is $75.00 before March 16, 2007 and $85.00 after. Some activites may have added costs.Special Hotel rates and housing are available.

    Living in Hope
    Highly Recommended.
    To register, contact: livinginhopeconference@yahoo.com. Or call, 760.747.9252. Ask for Marsha McGaugh, conference registrar.

    You can also download the conference brochure.

    Pastor John Sale, Valley Center Community Church
    Dennis E. Johnson, Westminster Seminary California
    Pastor James Newheiser, Grace Bible Church
    Pastor Curt Arend, Grace Bible Church
    Pastor Mike Kelley, Grace Bible Church

  3. Something Mark Dever said at the Shepherds' Conference this week reminded me of this guy, whom you ought to know:

    That's Jay Smith, an American currently living in London. Jay was born in India, where his parents served as Brethren missionaries. He spends his Sunday afternoons at Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park, where Islamic radicals now more or less dominate. Jay's boldness is remarkable, and he's no mere rabble-rouser. He earned his Ph.D. in Islamic studies and employs that plus his winsome personality to confront the increasingly-violent rhetoric of radical Islam in a public and head-on way.

    You should get to know Jay. Every time I have been in England for the past couple of years, people have been talking about him and his ministry at Speakers' Corner. Invariably the discussion includes some remark about Jay's life expectancy. He receives death threats on a regular basis. Keep him in your prayers.

    Jay's web site is a little plain-looking, but full of helpful resources. His YouTube videos are collected here. Good stuff.

  4. Speaking of good stuff, bold apologists, and drab-looking websites, James White's material on Le Tombeau de Cameron has been superb. I hope you have been reading it.

  5. Congratulations to Dr. and Mrs. Warnock!

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Ebeth said...

Thanks for this post.

JSB said...

Great news! I was going to have drive to a friend's house to try to catch one of JM's sermons, because I don't get Direct TV. Thanks for the alert. Very cool.

I also like to go to Speakers' Corner when I'm in London.

Maybe you (or Adrian) know this guy, but a couple of years ago this big barrel chested fellow named Bernard spoke a real hellfire and brimstone message that I managed to get a little of on video. I wonder if he's a mainstay there as well.

Brandon said...

Is it possible to get an audio only version of the same podcast?

I have the Grace to You podcast from oneplace.com, but that seems to be the radio program, which is different.

John Haller said...


When will the MP3s of the SC sessions be available?

Jason E. Robertson said...

JMac looks GQ

Impacted Wisdom Truth said...

Let me give a thumbs up for Tom Patton's intro to the webcast.

I like the term "Godcast" for Christian podcasts.

SB said...

thanks for the video links to JMJr
Im going to use this one:


with some nonbelievers to assist their understanding of the authority, infallibility and inerrancy of the Word.

Anonymous said...

I spent the summer of 2000 in London and partnered with Jay weekly for outings to speakers corner. The vitriol coming from Imams over there was nothing to sneeze at. None of the violence occurring in the world at the hand of Islam surprises me after that experience. Jay is a really neat guy, and an incredible mind. He took my group on a Biblical evidence tour of the British Museum and a textual criticism tour of the various texts on display at the British library. Those two things remain among the favorite events of my life.

Dale Thackrah said...

A Video Podcast! Just when I thought I would have to wait until next year's Shepherd's Conference to visually see Dr. MacArthur, you spring this news on me!

I appreciate your blog page greatly.