11 June 2006

Another birthday

by Phil Johnson

So today was my 53rd birthday. They're less fun every year.

But some good stuff happened today. To start with, while I was getting ready for church, Jeff Williams phoned me from the Space Station to say happy birthday. He said he was passing over Indonesia at the time. I'm guessing the number of people who get birthday greetings from outer space is a pretty select fraternity. Not to gloat or anything.

Then this afternoon, I got another call from Edna Pearson, longtime friend who lives in Australia. Her birthday is June 12, and it was already Monday there, so we celebrated our different birthdays simultaneously over the phone. That doesn't happen every day, either.

Then Frank Turk sent me a hilarious birthday wish via an e-card from Dayspring that made me laugh out loud. (I'd give you the URL, but it was personal.) Frank also has a cool new t-shirt at his pawn shop. Check it out.

53. Thanks. It's all downhill from here.

Incidentally, on the phone, Jeff Williams reminded me that he started a blog at the end of last year: "Take Up and Read." When I last checked around the end of January, he had only 3 posts. But his reminder prompted me to check again, and I see he was posting more regularly, and still posting new stuff just days before his mission started.

I'm not sure if he can post directly to his blog from the Space Station, but he can send e-mail, so I don't know why not. I'm going to try to get him to guest-blog here at TeamPyro at least once before the end of his mission.

Meanwhile, be sure to keep Jeff in your prayers.

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Matthew said...

I wish you many happy returns!

marc said...

Happy Birthday Phil!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Phil!

candyinsierras said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Pyromaniacs. Happy birthday to you.

Clarissa Ramos said...

Happy birthday, Phil! I hope your day was a blessed one.

BTW, thanks for posting pics and info on Jeff Williams' space mission. I used to attend church with his parents (we're from the same small town in WI - he's definitely the local hero!). It's always interesting to hear about his space exploits.

David Cho said...

Wow, BD greetings from outer space. Can't get any better than that. Of course its all downhill from an event like that.

Happy BD, Phil

kletois said...

I started forgetting my birthday when I hit 33 (#34 passed without incident).
Happy Birthday, and may you have many more.

centuri0n said...

You have (God willing) at least another 30 years in you, so stop pretending this is such a big deal. 30 years is a lifetime. Of course, that means that you have already lived 1.7667 lifetimes.

"It's all down hill from here"?
[place back of wrist to center of forehead]
"Poor me. I only influence the moral reasoning of thousands of people every day, my kids are three great young men and I have a great daughter-in-law, my wife is better than a million bucks in 10's and 20's, and Frank Turk and Jeff Williams are my good friends. It's all down hill from here."

You don't get any sympathy from me, Johnson. 50's the new 30, so 53 ain't nothin' but a thing.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Happy Birthday and high-five!

My wife's birthday was yesterday as well.

JackW said...

Happy Birthday Phil from someone else who's birthday is in June and was born in 1953. 53, born in 53 ... does that mean anything in numerology or something? ;)

DJP said...

Happy birthday, old-timer!

And hey -- you're not even the age at which Augustine started his epochal work yet!

(An esteemed friend named Phil pointed that out to me.)

Maybe you should consider karate. Kinda makes you feel younger, and older, all at the same time!


Libbie said...

Frank, you're such a softie.

*wipes away a tear*

belated congratulations on being blessed with another year, Phil.

Even So... said...

Birthday blessings, Phil!

My sister in law also turned 53 the same day, but while I like Phil the online Pyro, sadly, she listens to Phil the Oprah guru.


We're working on her! May God give her grace, and you as the days go by; keep up the good fight of faith...

Even So, Come, Lord Jesus

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Phil.

Did you get to wear a cool party hat?

Al said...

I know you don't know me (not a regular poster or anything) but happy birthday brother! May God richly bless you as you continue to grow in grace and wisdom.

Al sends

PS 50 is not so old. I hear that if you take the right vitamins you can leg press a ton when you are 70! at least that is what I heard... somewhere.

The Clinging Vine said...

I beg your pardon? It's all downhill from 53?

Seeing as how I turn 55 on Sunday, this is really depressing, Phil.

Hush up and eat your cake, whippersnapper. ;^)

And happy birthday! You share it with my youngest sister, BTW. A good day, obviously.

Castusfumus said...

So...how does one feel younger?

Hang out with older people.

At 51 ('55 model) I feel like a pup here!!!
Thanks guys!

BugBlaster said...

Happy Birthday. Every single day for the rest of your life you will be much older than me.

Cindy said...

Happy belated birthday, Phil! I'm coming up on the big five-oh myself...well, not until December...and I'm going to milk my 40's for all they're worth until then. You're not looking so bad for an old dude. :)

LeeC said...

What a privelege it is the the Lord keep us here to serve Him eh?

Congrats Phil!

Steve said...

Phil said, "It's all downhill from here."

What might be true about the Cubs doesn't have to be true about age...

LeeC said...

"Phil said, "It's all downhill from here."

What might be true about the Cubs doesn't have to be true about age..."



Darlene said...

Now wait a minute, Steve. The Cubs had a good weekend--even won on Phil's birthday and our anniversary and I haven't given up on them yet! (even though Phil has....)

Sharon said...

Happy Day Phil! Make Darlene take you out to Le Chene for dinner. It's one of my favorite spots to dine.

Oh, and remember to respect your elders (I have 4 months on ya)!

Steve said...

Darlene--I admire your loyalty to the Cubs. Their day may come just yet.

What's happening to the Detroit Tigers right now is proof positive it can be done.

James Spurgeon said...

Dude, fifty-three years is a long time. I'm not just saying that either. I mean, really, that is a l-o-n-g time. I can't imagine fifty-three or what it would be like to be fifty-three. Of course, men get better with age so Phil has nothing to worry about, right?

Think of it:

53 years of experience.
53 years of quality improvement.

Let's be honest, they don't make things like they used to. Phil is vintage. Phil is a collector's item. Phil goes up in value every year just like old baseball cards.

I can't wait to be 53!

(But then again, 55 is even better because that's when they start giving you discounts at restaurants.)

centuri0n said...


That kills me.

folk theology refugee said...

Happy Birthday Phil! Remember... you're not old till ya realize da lil ol'lady you just helped across the street is Darlene !

Scott Hill said...

Happy Birthday Phil.

James Spurgeon said...

scott hill, pardon me but I've just gotta ask. Are you the guy from the phone commercial who has the Dukes of Hazzard theme for your ringtone and you say "That's my theme song?" Your pic looks just like him.