06 September 2006

Where I am This Week

by Phil Johnson

ne of my eyes is so irritated this morning that I couldn't even go to work. That's never a good thing, but especially today, because tomorrow I'm starting a week of vacation, and I had several things I really needed to get done today before leaving town tomorrow. Hopefully, I can do all the absolutely essential tasks even though I'm home.

My eye was already irritated yesterday morning, but I unwisely wore my contact lenses to work. Then in the afternoon, I needed to make a hospital visit that ended up keeping me at the hospital till around midnight (a bittersweet story that I might write about one day—but it reminded me of the sovereignty of God and His inexhaustible mercy, even in the most painful kinds of grief and loss). Anyway, I had no good opportunity to remove my troublesome contact lens yesterday, and today I am paying the price for that. I'm hoping a solution of mild boric acid will have my eye somewhat fixed by this time tomorrow.

But whether or not that happens, by this time tomorrow, I plan to be on a plane to North Carolina. Darlene and I will be spending a few days with some friends there. Whether I'll have Internet access is altogether uncertain, so if I disappear from sight for the next week, that's why. In all likelihood, there will be no BlogSpotting post this weekend, and your weekly dose of Spurgeon will depend on whether Dan or Frank (or both) post a Spurgeon excerpt.

(I'm hoping both of them will do it. Their dueling posts are part of the charm of PyroManiacs. It would be fun to see them try to pit Spurgeon against Spurgeon.)

I'll be back home around the middle of next week, and I plan to follow up yesterday's post with a series exploring the complex medley of duties placed on us by the various texts that implore us to contend for the faith, as well as the texts that show us how to do it—Jude 3; Titus 1:9-11; 2 Timothy 2:24-25; 1 Thessalonians 2:7; James 3:17; Titus 3:2; 1 Peter 3:8-9, etc. I'm looking forward to that.

So Lord willing, I'll see you then.

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Libbie said...

I believe that's commonly termed 'egging them on'. :-)

I hope your eye recovers and you have a good holiday, Phil.

Gummby said...

Spurgeon vs. Spurgeon--the Pyromaniacs answer to Spy vs. Spy. I like it.

Hope you feel better soon, Phil, particularly since it is the eye (it's hard to imagine just how much distress an eye issue would cause a prodigious reader like yourself).

Steve said...

With a setup like that, you've virtually guaranteed a Spurgeon vs. Spurgeon shootout this weekend. I can already hear Dan and Frank cracking their knuckles.

Will keep both your eye and your vacation in prayer, and hope you have a blessed time with the friends you visit.

Cindy said...

Phil, I certainly can relate when it comes to eye problems--they plague me periodically as well. And the really bad part is that I'm too vain to wear glasses (well, I look HORRIBLE in them!), and too blind (as the proverbial bat!) to go without.

Here's hoping your eye gets better and that you and Darlene have a wonderful trip!

P.S. If it's allergy-related, have you tried Patanol? It's done wonders for me at times.

Bryan Riley said...

Will they contend peaceably? gently? Will they agonize in their endeavor of loving truth? Rest that eye.

centuri0n said...

I'll post next wednesday again so Dan can hog the blog.

Carrie said...

Get some glasses!

Frank Martens said...

I'll keep the situation in prayer (I know this is a little late).

Hope things worked out.

DJP said...

Frank -- I'll post next wednesday again so Dan can hog the blog



Caleb Kolstad said...

Have a great vacation and say hi to the new pastor for me in NC.

H.C. Ross said...

Ah, Phil -- I see the problem now. There's a speck in your eye. Allow me to remove that, brother.