30 September 2006

Seriously, Now...

by Phil Johnson

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Bob Hayton said...


I thought this line from Bob Bixby's rant rather ironic: "But I don’t think that they realize that most serious thinkers who read their blog not only appreciate their helpful comments and sometimes brilliant insights, but roll their eyes with a “boys will be boys” resignation."

I guess he considers himself a "serious thinker", don't we all!

Personally, I think a good blog should have its own personality, and no one can dispute that TeamPyro has personality!

By the way, thanks for the links.

God bless you all in Christ Jesus,

Bob Hayton

Kim said...

I do not consider myself a serious thinker, but I definitely do benefit from the helpful comments here, and I most definitely roll my eyes with a "boys will be boys" resignation. But that's what makes the boys so much fun to hang out with.

Carla Rolfe said...

Yay, blogspotting, one of my favorite reasons to visit TeamPyro.

As for the rant about the graphics & merchandise, well... you can't please everyone, I guess. I happen to like it, for whatever that's worth.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Oh - and thanks for the links Phil, Pecadillo's posts always make me laugh, and Dan's posts always make me think. Maybe someday I'll be a "thinker" - or maybe someday I'll just sit around and laugh all the time? Either way is good with me.

John H said...

Ah, I was only jestin' with you. You'll always be my favourite gang of attack-dog Reformed heretics. ;-)

Which is to say, thanks for the link.

striving... said...

team-pyro, I love your blog. i think it is very insightful. I am new in my faith and I seem to learn something new everytime I log on.
Centurion, "Apply directly to your spiritual life." That is the one liner I am looking forward to. Enjoy your busy weekend.
Anyway you all are great.

chamblee54 said...

I guess the TV actor was BILL Bixby.
Maybe this other guy is looking for Uncle Martin.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the "blogspot" ... I should have worked sooner and harder to get that ... I have had a gazzilion hits since your post.

I didn't know why but I knew there had to be some force that kept me lurking around Pyromaniacs.

jen said...

I also appreciate the blogspot.

I'm glad you do this, because it lets us know who else is out there. Going down the list I found blogs I'd never been to, and people whose views I agree with.

Of course there were a few views I didn't agree with, but that's neither here nor there...
Thanks for the head's up!

Rev. Dr. Peter A. Butler, Jr. said...

Hi, Since you've mentioned my friend, Rev. F. Scott Petersen before (Ars Theologica), I thought I would ask your prayers for him. He has had a reoccurance of leukemia, which he had five years ago. He is in good spirits, and would appreciate everyone's prayers. Thank you.

Terry Lange said...

It is too bad that Bob Bixby does not appreciate the "personality" of this place.

I appreciate this place and even more so after meeting Phil personally last week.

Bob Bixby said...

LOL. I wonder how anyone can take my complaint too seriously with all the excessive hyperbole in it but I about fell out of my chair when the first commenter questioned the validity of any humor anywhere!

My complaint is only mild. I really am a fan.

Now, I'm off to see if I can find the picture you used. Certainly that snarl had to be photoshopped in to my otherwise ruddy and handsome face.

Scott Aniol said...

Hey, that picture was taken in our church auditorium. Do we get a portion of the profits from its sales?

Tim Brown said...

*Oh. And he wouldn't mind a t-shirt, either.*


Where do I send the money to get him one?


Tim Brown said...

Hey Phil!

The Books are In! The Books re In!

Read the intro today. For those of you who are interested in what's in it, I plan on an attempt to correctly communicate what Wells is saying...

Here's a shameless link to my blog where I have the first entry about the book "Above All Earthly Pow'rs".


The book is a real grabber so far. I seriously doubt I'll be able to do justice in communicating the message Wells is communicating, but maybe a few will gain some interest in it.