30 August 2007


by Phil Johnson

wasn't going to bump Dan, but I don't mind bumping Frank. I had this item teed up for tomorrow, but the guys are already working on a post for tomorrow whose title alone will prolly launch a thousand comments, and I'm not even going to have time to participate in that thread. So let me get this one up.

(Incidentally, observant readers will notice that I haven't even opened the combox for this post. I know that's not very Schaefferesque of me, but if you have something you desperately need to say, please go to the thread just below this one and take it up with Frank. Or go to the one after that and take it up with Dan. I'm really busy.)


I found the following comment from Gordan "Knuckles" Runyan over at Reformed Mafia, and it perfectly expressed my thoughts about the several really-long comment-threads sparked by the Po-Motivators®.

I've compared those threads to the Whack-a-Mole game at Chuck E. Cheese's, and on my better days I have likened it to a carousel.

Gordan, on the other hand, says,
As much as I love all those posters, the comment threads are even better. It's like "Night of the Living Dead," where these slow-moving zombies come around, each one offering identical complaints. Once you bash one in the head, three more pop up around the corner saying precisely the same thing. The irony there being that a movement that prides itself on individuality and free expression winds up producing cookie-cutter copies, one after the other. It's like they all went to the same seminar on how to complain about conservatives.

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...that's not very Schaefferesque of me....

Dude, when I figure out Photoshop, the world will see you in lederhosen!

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