08 August 2007

How God Loves the World

by Frank Turk

Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets -- and that's pretty good; in fact, that would have been enough. But in these last days He has spoken to us by his Son.


Unknown said...

huh? This one will need more words ...

FX Turk said...

Rick --

I know it's not the Message and all, but here's what the writer of Hebrews is saying: God has already taken a long time, and used a lot of different ways, to tell us about Himself by means of the Prophets and by the other Fathers who write the Old Testament -- like Moses, and David, and Solomon, and whoever wrote Job and Esther and Ruth.

That is, God has (as D.A. Carson has recently said) condescended to speak to us with words. God didn't have to do that -- He didn't owe that to us, but He did it anyway. He put in time which was way above and beyond.

And if God had only given us the OT -- full of prophecies He fulfilled, and promises He made, and a (ahem) metanarrative of what He has done in history -- that would have been more than enough to demonstrate that He loves us. As it says in Ps 119, He gave the the Scripture and it is good for us -- a blessing to us.

But God has done far more than that.

In these last days -- that is, at the end of all things, as the eschaton is coming and is in fact here -- God spoke to us by His Son. God hasn't just given us some flat text which is trying to impose itself on our way of thinking: God has spoken by fulfilling the promises and by doing the work Himself, in the person of the Son.

God has spoken to us by His Son. If that piece of the NT has never dazzled you regarding the lengths and breadth God has gone to to express Himself to the whole world, let it be dazzling today.

Daryl said...

Seems like we're so used to the idea that we forget the magnitude of God actually taking the time to send his son, his only son, the son that he loves.

Unknown said...

Cent - thanks. I am dazzled - before, now, and I suspect even tomorrow. I was just checking the scope of your point.

Since Pyro has millions of readers, you likely do not remember me but you were kind enough to confront me (in a good way) on my blog and you've replied to some of my comments here.

I'm one of the suspicious Charismatics that lurk around here so I was simply checking if anything was implied in your post. I'm very satisfied with what you wrote.

Thanks and keep up the good posting.

FX Turk said...

Rick --

I read your blog when I feel my blood pressure going down. I remember you.

I have some snide remarks about how I remember you, but I think they would not be received as jokes. So I'll leave it at that.

Kim said...


I like it.

One of my favorite verses in Scripture.

Solameanie said...

Jesus really is the final word, isn't He? I know that drives the pomos nuts, but God has indeed spoken through His Son in these last days. There is no other name given under heaven by which we must be saved. There is no one else, and if you don't find truth in Him, you won't find it at all.

Pomos like "choices" and "options." What a disillusionment this must be to them.

Stefan Ewing said...

God works in the most amazing ways. Back when this Jewish, one-time atheist was still unsaved, he led me to a Bible study group that was finishing up Leviticus. The next autumn, He guided them to do Hebrews, and wow, well, that just opened my eyes! Hebrews finished, and the following autumn, He guided the pastor at the church I was now attending to cover Romans 9-11.

It all fits into place. Hebrews is what brings God's self-revelation througout the Old and New Testaments together.

Anonymous said...

I love Piper's sermon on that verse. Now, whenever I read that verse, I hear the cadence of Piper's voice...

Anyway, thanks Frank, dazzling indeed.

FX Turk said...

Garet --

I'm still fat. If I loaned you my body for 60 days, would you send it back to me in fit condition?

Anonymous said...

If the first part were possible, then yes, the latter part would be too.

Sorry your still fat, I'll remember to pray that the Lord would grant you the self-control you desire.

~Mark said...

I enjoy the long, expository posts y'all usually do here, but in real life relationships I like to be as direct as possible, as fast as possible, as considerately as possible, and with as much hard evidence as possible.

I am SO loving this series of "to the point" posts.

It reminds me of the serious conversations I have with just about anyone under the age of 23. Their words: "Just say it already."

Thanks for saying it! (Not that I won't enjoy the return to longer posts, but keeping these a regular part of posting might be a good thing.)