02 August 2007

Book titles for which I'm still waiting

by Dan Phillips

Haven't seen these listed yet... but who knows?
Soul-Winning Essentials, by N. T. Wright

What I Think of Calvinism Now that I've Actually Read My First Calvinist Author All the Way Through, by Dave Hunt

Briefly, by Tim Challies

Very Briefly, by Triablogue

Kittens, Rainbows, and Other Warm Thoughts, by Frank Turk

Surprised by the Sufficiency of Christ and His Word: a Retraction, by Jack Deere

Okay, Now THAT's a Cult!, by Hugh Hewitt

What Was I Thinking?, by Benny Hinn

Boy Oh BOY Oh Boy, What a Bad Idea THAT Was!, by Douglas Wilson

The Centrality of the Gospel, by Joel Osteen

Jonathan Edwards: an 'Okay' Theologian, I Guess, If You Like That Sort of Thing, by John Piper

Systematic, Exegetical Theology, by Joyce Meyers

Why I Joined the GUTS Church, by Phil Johnson

My New Vow of Silence, by Pat Robertson

Only Mostly Dead: a Biblical Anthropology, by Ergun Caner
And last, but by no means least:
101 Years of Charismaticism: An Anthology of Achievement, including the chapter titles—
  • "Documented Fulfilled Prophecies"
  • "Century of Tongues Transcribed, Taxonomized, and Translated"
  • "How the Holy Spirit Changed His Mind About Women Pastors"
  • "A Century of New Revelation Recorded"
  • "From Your Own Number: False Teachers the Movement Has Discredited and Excommunicated"
  • "Positive, Biblical, Lasting Contributions Thanks Solely to Charismatic Distinctives"
  • "Sola Scriptura, Schmola Scriptura: Getting Past the Reformation"
  • "Five Times Is Never Enough: Spirit-Led Chorus Singing"
  • "Essential Truths the Bible Left Out"
(NOTE: there truly is no point nor design to the order of the books.)

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JackW said...

Can I play?

Zen Tent Making: How to Empty the Mind, Close the Eyes and Just Cut … Generously. By Brian McLaren

Daryl said...

How about:

"Finding your own way to God"
By John McCarthur


"Preaching Christ, and Him Crucified"
By Brian McLaren


"Essential Truth - Why believing the whole Bible is essential for the Christian life"
By Rob Bell

Daryl said...


"The Wrath of God Abated - A Biblical examination of the Atonement"

by Steve Chalke

"Ease up a little - Taking the sting out of the Gospel"

by Alistair Begg

Daryl said...

A few more...(Sorry, I can't help myself)

"Sin and Repentance - The lost message of the church"
by Robert Schuller

"No purpose but the Glory of God"
by (do I really have to say?)Rick Warren

"Amilleniallism - The real message of Revelation"
by Tim Lahaye

"Evolution in Crisis - Why Creationism should be taught in School"
by Richard Dawkins

"The Goodness of God - An Examination of Western Civilization"
by Christopher Hitchens

Daryl said...

"Tell Me the Old, Old Story"

by Brian McLaren (or Tony Jones)

Daryl said...

"A Breath of Fresh Air - Dan Phillips examines the Emerging Church Movement"

Daryl said...

"Surety - Walking in the KNOWLEDGE of the Glory of God"
by Brian McLaren

(I can't stop...)

Daryl said...

"You can understand the Bible - A beginners guide to the plain truths of Scripture"
by ...Brian McLaren

Daryl said...

You've created a monster you realize...

"The Mystical Knowledge of God"
by Michael Horton

Daryl said...

"Crossing the Tiber - Why Protestants should convert"
by James White

Daryl said...

"The Harlot Exposed - Francis Beckwith examines the Roman Church"


DJP said...

Good wit from Daryl... AND I get my comment-King crown back.


Daryl said...

For the local crowd...

"God is OK, I guess..."

by Sewing

Tom Chantry said...

Hilarious! But I predict that fans of at least half of your "authors" will object, and many of these will have entirely misunderstood the point of your jokes.

For Example:

"What have you got against Jonathan Edwards!?!"

"Who says Phil Johnson doesn't have any guts?"

"Who are you to question whether N.T. Wright has a soul?"

You know it will happen. I would recommend you stay out of the comment thread. Let this be a "drive-by-blogging." You've dropped your payload, now kick in the afterburner and fly off over the horizon.

Oh, and by the way, Okay, Now THAT's a Cult!, by Hugh Hewitt - LAUGH OUT LOUD, dude!

DJP said...

You should see what I left off, Tom.

JackW said...

I think I need to call a foul on myself as I didn't follow the correct format. Zen Tent Making should have not been by McLaren ... Johnny Mac would have been closer to the point. Thanks for not calling me on it!

FX Turk said...

For the record, I saw the one that Dan left off, and it was such a barn-burner that even TeamPyro can't possibly say it out loud.

So you can imagine how cutting-edge and brutal it was.

Brutal, I say.

FX Turk said...

And don't plead with Dan to post it. He won't -- he has too much personal love and affection for the Christian community.

And don't petition Phil -- he'll say no.

And don't ask me. I want to remain a member in good standing [sic] at TeamPyro.

holmegm said...

I don't get the Wilson one - could somebody explain it to the humor-impaired (i.e. me)? :)

Kay said...

Frank, could you e-mail it to me? *Pleading kitten eyes*

DJP said...

Yeah. Frank's got a real soft-spot for kittens.

MarieP said...

Putting Amazing Back Into Grace by Bob Wilkin

Competent to Counsel by Frank Minirth and Paul Meier

Does God Believe in Athiests? by Richard Dawkins

The Justification of God by Steve Gregg

The Forgotten Trinity by Phillips, Craig, and Dean

Female Piety by Tammy Faye Bakker Messner

Ultimate Questions by Greg Boyd

Heresies by Brian McLaren

The Roman Catholic Controversy by Francis Beckwith

Grieving: Our Path Back to Peace by Robert Schuller

The End Times Made Simple by Hal Lindsey

(and, because Tom posted here...)

Call the Sabbath a Delight by the Super Bowl committee

Solameanie said...

Dan firmly swats the hornet's nest with a scantling. I can hear the enraged buzzing already, and I'm running for my protective suit and smoke can.


Daryl said...

Those who don't know (as I didn't)

scantling: "a small piece of lumber (as an upright piece in house framing)"

Compliments of Merrian Webster

Great word man!!

Tom Chantry said...

Call the Sabbath a Delight by the Super Bowl committee


Unknown said...

Artists, circus acrobats, contortionists, hula praise dancers and senior pastors with clown noses and more great preaching ideas! by Ingrid J. Schlueter and Rev. Ken Silva

There are no stupid questions just stupid people by Hank Hanegraaff

DJP said...

Michael, lol.

vetpath said...

I imagine I would find these funny if I knew who most of them were. Any chance is posting an expository on these jokes?

DJP said...

Thing is, explaining humor is a little like picking up a bit of butter with your fingers.

Kay said...

I didn't think of that response!: A guide to writing aimless, say-nothing articles by Dan Phillips

Like ministry: How I gave up blogging self-promotion and dedicated my life to lobbying the government by Anonymous.


Daryl said...

"Love your cat - A pet owners guide to a more meaningful relationship with your feline companion"

by Pecadillo

MSC said...

"Renouncing Potty Language"
by Mark Driscoll

"Believer's Baptism: My Path to Freedom"
by R. C. Sproul

"The Protestant Reformation: The True Church Recovered"
by Pope Benedict

Even So... said...

Authorial Intent: Why It Doesn't Matter Anymore,
by Daniel J. Phillips

The Life of Christ by Joel Osteen

The Trinity: Non Negotiable
by T.D. Jakes

Hot Dog: A Guide To Canine Cuisine
by Pecadillo

This Round Is On Me: The Joys of The Boars Head Tavern
by Phil Johnson...foreward by Michael Spencer

John R. said...

The End of Thoughtless Screeds by Sam Harris.

Daryl said...

"They get us, they really get us - A review of -Becoming coversant with the Emerging Church-"

by any number of EC writers

Unknown said...

These are all really funny.
Since a trend has been started, I hope no one minds if I add a few others:

"A Solid Defense of the Faith: A Primer on Van Tilian Apologetics." by R.C. Sproul

"No Place for Relevance: How Evangelicalism got too much Theology" by David Wells.

"The Faith Handed Down Once for All: Orthodoxy the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever" by Tony Jones

"Coming Back Home: How I changed my mind back to Arminian Foreknowledge and then to Calvinism" by Clark Pinnock

Anonymous said...

When Doctrine Is Too Divisive: A Plea for Unity by James White

Your Best Life Now: The Art of Collecting Seashells by John Piper

Everything in Moderation by The Southern Baptist Convention

Daryl said...



steve said...

The George Muller Way to Trusting God to Sustain a Ministry
By Hank Hanegraaff

Evangelicalism GROUP HUG!
By Iain Murray

Getting the Most Out of Your ESV Bible
By Eugene Peterson

beaconlight said...

As a former Pentecostal\Charismatic I offer these titles by the late Finis Jennings Dake:

Perseverance by Grace

Glorifying God in my sickness, Poverty and Sufferings

FX Turk said...

LIBBIE! That book was suppose to be a SECRET!!!

Adrian Warnock said...

"Arminian Cessationism - the future for the church" by Adrian Warnock

Sharon said...

Doctrines Not Found in Scripture by R.C. Sproul

(Chapter 1: infant baptism)

Daryl said...

"Indirect communication - How to beat around the bush"
by Frank Turk

Solameanie said...

"Rock and Roll Heaven"
By Bill Gotherd

"Glorifying God In Poverty"
By Kenneth Copeland

"I Was Wrong"
by Dr. EuGene Scott

"Ecumenism in 10 Easy Steps"
by Jack Hyles

Mike Bonebright said...

"The Church's One Foundation - an autobiography"
By Pope Benedict XVI

"Making sense of the differences - A beginner's guide to the eclectic text (with complete critical apparatus)"
By Peter S. Ruckman

Mike Bonebright said...

"Bearing Fruit - the sanctifying power of genuine faith"
By Zane Hodges

David Regier said...

"The Purpose-Driven Wife"
Christians for Biblical Equality

Mrs. Jake said...

This is fun!

"The Truth Doesn't Have To Hurt" by Paul Washer

greglong said...

Mace to You: My Split with John MacArthur by Phil Johnson

Matt Gumm said...

Missional Evangelism: Meat chubs and other non-traditional methods of sharing the Gospel, by Phil Johnson

Neil said...

"My Enemies are Men Like You"
by Derek Webb

DJP said...

Today's a special day, a "first."

Challies got my name right!

Unknown said...

Sola Scriptura and Church Unity
by Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori

My real hair color and other revelations from God by Marcus Lamb

Stefan Ewing said...

I am in tears. What hath Dan wrought!? Man, you really plugged into something here.

I have to think of some brilliant way to answer Daryl's shoutout, but I've been laid to waste in laughter at all of this.

Praise the Lord.

Mike Riccardi said...

"The Hiatus for Dummies" by Frank Turk

Chris Latch said...

Reaching Postmoderns: If it feels good, do it!
-John Macarthur

The Regulative Principle Affirmed
-Rick Warren

The Great Commission really only applied to the Apostles
-Ray Comfort

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Reformation
-Dave Hunt

Blessed are the Meek
-Ergun Caner

Dead in Sin - Lectures on Depravity
-Robert Schueller

Neil said...

"Flame of Fire Merchandise Catalogue"
by Carla Rolfe

Mrs. Jake said...

I'm hooked. Please help me.

"Modesty, Humility, and Submission--Modeling Christ For Today's Woman" By Juanita Bynum and Joyce Meyers

"Friendship Evangelism--You Can Do It!" by Ray Comfort

Chris Latch said...

Embracing Rome - Leveraging our strengths to reach a wider audience
-Ian Paisley

100 best Golf Communities for Retirees
-John Piper

The Trinity - merely a nice sentiment
-Ken Silva

Doug said...

"9 Marks of a Dysfunctional Blog" by Mark Dever

"Put Your Hands Back Down: The Journey of an Ex-Charismatic Calvinist" by C.J. Mahaney

"How to Play with Mud Pies and other Heresies of C.S. Lewis" by John Piper

"What Happened to All the Schmeradactyls?" by Me

Robert N. Landrum said...

I have never seen such a masterful display of reductio ad absurdum.

P.D. Nelson said...

All Real Calvinists are Post-millenialists. By John Macarthur

Forward by Dan J. Phillips

Afterword by Phil Johnson.

candy said...

God in the Hands of the Behavorially Challenged by James Dobson

Christian Pop Music for Profit and Pleasure by Steve Camp

Crunchy Critters Recipe Round-up by Phil Johnson

The Theology of Reno 911 by Pecadillo

The Little Book of Phobias

Chapters include:

My Struggle with Hylophobia by John Eldridge

My Secret Sin, Elurophobia, by Frank Turk

I Was Delivered From the Demon of Anglophobia, by Adrian Warnock

A Report of increased Coulrophobia in Christians connected to a little known blog called...And His Minister's a Flame of Fire

The Hidden Truth: I have Cynophobia by Pecadillo

Besides the Nervous Tic I have Developed, Agateophobia haunts me Daily When I Read Blog Comments. by Dan Phillips

Stefan Ewing said...

How Precious Is His Blood by Charles Grandison Finney

I'm Okay, You're Okay (First Edition) by Jonathan Edwards

Election Schmelection by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

DJP said...

Fear of agates??


Stefan Ewing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stefan Ewing said...

Salvation: It's Your Choice by Augustine of Hippo

Stefan Ewing said...

Free to Be Me by John Calvin

candy said...

Research Dan. Research.

Stefan Ewing said...

An Eye for an Eye: Showing Them Who's Their Daddy by Menno Simons

DJP said...

I'm afraid that fear of agates means I'm losing my mind.

Stefan Ewing said...

Cat-echism: The Cats of Westminster 2008 wall calendar by the Westminster Divines.

I guess I'm running out of ideas....

candy said...

The Dead Horse Whisperer or (One more round of Cessationist Debate....Puleeeeeze!!!) by Dan Phillips

candy said...

Oops...meant to write "well known blog" Ministers a Flame of Fire.

Stefan Ewing said...

A Longer Exegesis on the Fulfilment of the Law in Jesus Christ: Discourse and Dialectics by Zondervan/Youth Specialties

Stefan Ewing said...

Using Idol Offerings to Reach the Unchurched by Paul of Tarsus

(Repost of an earlier comment)

Daryl said...

Thanks for this Dan, you made my week.

Free to be me...well done Sewing, I'm choking.

Laura said...

"Dr. StrangeTongues: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Glossolalia" by John MacArthur

Neil said...

Candy wins.

Laura said...

"All Things Properly and In Order" by Paul and Jan Crouch

Laura said...

"The Christ of Scripture: The Christ of History" by John Dominic Crossan

Stefan Ewing said...

All hats, er, head coverings off to you, Daryl, for getting the ball rolling! I really, truly was in tears, trying desparately to suppress outright laughter reading through everyone's comments.

Chris Latch said...

The Church, 'Israel of God'
-John Hagee

Books I Have Never Read
-Al Mohler

Stefan Ewing said...

It's All Over: Preterism Revisited by Hal Lindsey

1001 Signs the World Is About to End by Kim Riddlebarger

Laura said...

Bravo, Chris!!

Stefan Ewing said...

The Constructive Role of the European Union in World Peacekeeping by Jack Van Impe

Daryl said...

True Reformers - Why the 5 Solas are enough to get you in.

Kin Riddlebarger

Stefan Ewing said...

Jesus Is Alive! by Charles Templeton

Stefan Ewing said...

Crossing the Tiber with a Mighty Hand and an Outstretched Arm: My Journey to Emergent Charismatic Postmillenial Catholicism by Philip Johnson, Esq.

Laura said...

Also, Mike, the Peter Ruckman one? Priceless. Props.

Daryl said...

"I know something for sure - and so can you"

Brian McLaren

Unknown said...

How about:

"Gold Dust in A Spray Bottle and other Tricks of the Trade" by Benny Hinn

Stefan Ewing said...

Red Letters to Live By: How the Social Gospel Can Transform the Church by Frank Turk

Why Two Lines Where One Will Do? Paraphrasing Biblical Verse for the Modern Believer by Dan Philips

Stefan Ewing said...

My last one might be a bit obscure...

Matt Gumm said...

A Centennial Celebration of Great Tulsa Theologians, by Iain H. Murray (foreward by Phil Johnson)

David Regier said...

The Revenge of the Anabaptists
Menno Simons

Even So... said...

Egalitarian Elders: Atta Boy!
by Ligon Duncan

Daryl said...

"Like Ministry - One mans journey from Blogmeister to Door-to-Door Evangelist"

Frank Turk

Even So... said...

6 Degrees of Separation
by Billy Graham

Even So... said...


Thou Shalt Not Mock

by Team Pyro


Chris Latch said...

Excellence in Leadership: A Memoir
-King Saul

Stefan Ewing said...

Hah! How did I miss Laura's gem?

"The Christ of Scripture: The Christ of History" by John Dominic Crossan

How about Indivisible and Integrated: The God-Breathed Gospel by the Jesus Seminar?

Anonymous said...

How about:

"Tuesdays with Ergun" by Steve Camp :)

Stefan Ewing said...

Man of Miracles, Son of God, and Risen Lord: The Good News of Jesus Christ by Bishop John Shelby Spong

Even So... said...

Why I Will Always Be KJV

James White

Unknown said...

"Shuffleboard: The Glorious Way to be Ushered to the Throne" - John Piper

Stefan Ewing said...

Evidence! What Evidence? by Simon Greenleaf and William Lane Craig, with a forward by Josh McDowell

Even So... said...

Here's Your Money Back

Creflo Dollar

Chris Latch said...

No Other Name Given
-Oprah Winfrey

Stefan Ewing said...

John Piper Is Good: An Autobiography

Rainbow Politics for a New Age by Francis Schaeffer

Stefan Ewing said...

My brain is now empty.

Kim said...

The Father's Comprehensive Guide to Homeschooling by Tim Challies.

jigawatt said...

Can't We All Just Get Along?
- Peter S. Ruckman

A Match Made in Heaven: Partnering in Ministry with Non-Believers
- Steve Camp

Anonymous said...


David Regier said...

Next: Duets you'll never hear!

Endless Love
Michael Spencer and Frank Turk

chamblee54 said...

by Phil Johnson and Frank Turk

Mike Riccardi said...

Maybe we should start voting for the funniest.

I'm going with...

Mace to You: My Split with John MacArthur by Phil Johnson

JustJan said...

"Mercy:How to Speak the Truth in Love" Fred Phelps

JustJan said...

"Transparent Financial Reporting For Your Ministry" Hinn, Crouch, Dolar, etal.

lee n. field said...

Israelolotry, by Arnold Fruchtenbaum

"Fear of agates??"

Fear of haggis?

JustJan said...

"Scriptural Arguments for Intentionally Small Congregations" Joel Osteen

David Castor said...

"I Don't Actually Have a Corner on All Truth" by Dan Phillips

David Castor said...

Come to Think of it, That Scripture Passage Might be a Bit More Nuanced Than I Originally Anticipated - Phil Johnson

GeneMBridges said...

Hair! The Musical, Jan Crouch

Irenicum: Kind Words For The Apostate: Steve Hays

From Apostasy to Faith: My Journey, John Loftus

Pecuniary Atonement: Classic Supralapsarianism and Equivalentalism Defined and Defended: Tony Byrne and David Ponter

General Atonement? Yes! Dr. Tom Nettles

Amyraldianism and You: Robert Reymond and Robert Nicole

Why I'm a Baptist, C. Matthew McMahon

Philosophy Is Useless, Paul Manata

A Convention of Small Churches, Johnny Hunt, Charles Stanley, Jerry Vines, and Steve Gaines

Paige Patterson: Man's Best Friend, Benjamin Cole

Why I'm a Landmarker, by Wade Burleson (Part 1 of 3)

Private Prayer Language Prohibited! Wade Burleson (Part 2 of 3), (Forward by Dwight McKissic)

How to Make Friends and Influence People: Handbook for Getting Everybody to Love You, Wade Burleson & Ben Cole (Part 3 of 3)

The Arminian Flyswatter, Charles the Brave

Handbook for Brief Writing: Gene M. Bridges and Steve Hays

My Journey To Rome: Jason Engwer
Three Covenants, Seven Dispensations, A Modern Biblical Theology: Jason Robertson, Scott Hill, and Gene Cook Jr.

Why We Believe in the Covenant of Works: Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church

The Clarity and Perspicuity of Scripture: Kevin Johnson and Paul Owen

Handbook of Biblical Exegesis: Kevin Johnson and Tim Enloe

I Chose Him Because He Chose Me: Drs. Ergun and Emir Caner

Manual of Church Order: Ron Parsley & Jim Bakker

Why I'm Not a Calvinist: Timmy Brister, Nathan White, Andrew Lindsey, Dustin Segers, Tom Ascol, and Gene M. Bridges

Why I'm Not an Arminian: Peter Lumpkins, Ergun Caner, Jerry Vines, and Johnny Hunt

Every Calvinist is a Covenantalist by John MacArthur

Many Translations are Good For Getting The Sense: Gail Riplinger and Peter Ruckman

Christ and The Decree: The Foreordination of God, William Lane Craig and Greg Boyd

Puritan Shmeritan! J.I. Packer and Paul Helm

GeneMBridges said...

Dare To Differ: Manual for Unity in Diversity: Marc Carpenter

GeneMBridges said...

The Solemn Rite of Believer's Baptism: Ronnie Floyd

Daryl said...


"Hair the Musical..." Twas my idea first!!! Really, it was.

Stefan Ewing said...

Top Ten Ways to Boost Your Membership Numbers by Tom Ascol

Stefan Ewing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stefan Ewing said...

The Feminine Divine in Ancient Mediterranean Culture by Mark Driscoll

Stefan Ewing said...

The God with No Masks: God's Self-Revelation in Symbols by Joseph Campbell

Stefan Ewing said...

God's Grace Made Manifest in the Prophetic Calling of Moses by Sigmund Freud

I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel now....

Jay said...

"How to transform yourself from Messiah to AntiChrist and then to Divorce Court"
José Luis de Jesus Mirando

"God's Chosen People: Why Israel Should Rule The Middle East"
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"Nothing More to Say"
Rush Limbaugh

"My New Life: A Celebration of Celibacy"
William Jefferson Clinton

"The Heresy of Assasination"
Pat Robertson

GeneMBridges said...

The Art of Compromise: James White & Steve Camp

A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath: Art Sippo, MD

Authority and Sufficiency of the BFM2K: Paige Patterson, Al Mohler, & Chuck Kelley

Brevity: Dave Armstrong

Around the World in Seven Days: Touchstone (That's a Tblogue joke).

Evolution: No Joke! Steve Hays and Pete Pike

Salvation: Like a Tattoo! Dan Corner

Even So... said...

Church History Isn't Worth Studying, EVER!

Gene Bridges

Even So... said...

The Gospel In Submission To Culture

Tad Thompson
w/ Frank Turk

Even So... said...

Emergent Yes!

Carla Rolfe

GeneMBridges said...

Set the Prisoners Free, John L. Dagg

FX Turk said...

Forthcoming titles by Frank Turk:


Turneth Away Wrath: the case against Sarcasm in Christian Discourse

Gifts and Sundries: applying Charismatic theology to Christian Retail

Available this Christmas exclusively at Lifeway.

Stefan Ewing said...

Not a Drop Wasted by John Smyth and Thomas Helwys

Jesus Died for You! by John Gill

If He Wants Them, He Can Get Them by William Carey and Hudson Taylor

Your Daily Walk with Van Armin: 366 Devotions by Albert Mohler

Stefan Ewing said...

Arguments for the Non-Canonicity of Psalm 150 by William Booth

Stefan Ewing said...

And a couple of ones by non-church folks:

Foreshadowings of Jesus Christ in the Rich and Effusive Prose of Isaiah: An Extended Commentary in Three Parts by Ernest Hemingway

Much Action, Few Words: Reading Mark by William Faulkner

Stefan Ewing said...

101 Snappy Topical Sermons by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Stefan Ewing said...

Dangnabit, Daryl, why'd you have to start this!?

Stefan Ewing said...

Well, I should credit jackw, but at least he had the decency to stop after just one!

Lin said...

40 Days of Imprecatory Prayers by Rick Warren

You Go, Girl: Women CAN Preach! by John McArthur

Daryl said...

You know what they say...too much of a good thing...is a good thing.

"God's promise of good health and comfort - the David Brainherd story"

John Piper

"Suffering Well - the normal Christian life"

Joel Osteen

"The viscuous anwer - making enemies with the gospel"

Don Sands

Stefan Ewing said...

Lin takes the cake for me!

"40 Days of Imprecatory Prayers by Rick Warren"


Matt said...

I'm waiting for the release of McLaren's complete writings, including the following volumes

Back to the Bible, Back to the Solas

The Biblical Expositors Guide to Isaiah 53:5

How To Intelligently Interact with Historical Developments in the Christian Church: A Retraction of A Generous Orthodoxy

Why At Least One Emerging Church Critic Has Heard Us Correctly

A Practical Guide to Genuine Humility

Narcissism: My Journey...

The Complete Idiots Guide to Epistemology

Toward Sound Systematic Theology

No Other Foundation: An Expositors Guide to 1 Corinthians 3:11

Together Against the Gospel: Postmoderns in Dialogue

Anonymous said...

Jesus Among Other Similarly Acceptable Gods - Ravi Zacharias

The Truth Truce: Avoiding Conflict At All Costs - John MacArthur

Despising God - John Piper

The Warmth and Fuzziness of God - R C Sproul

OK People in the Hands of An Understanding God - Jonathan Edwards

Becoming Enamored With the Emerging Church - D A Carson

Let Me Tell You How Humble I Am - C J Mahaney

The Pilgrim's Regress - John Bunyan

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Oooh, one more:

Certainty For Dummies - Brian McLaren

Stefan Ewing said...

I sure hope Tominthebox is catching this thread...he'd love it.

Stefan Ewing said...

On the All-Sufficiency of the Textus Receptus by Bruce Metzger

The Remonstrance Study Bible by R. C. Sproul

Unknown said...

"Jesus, the only way to Heaven" by Tony Campolo

Unknown said...

"6 Days, 40 Billion Years....Who Cares!" Co-authored by Hugh Ross and Ken Ham

David Castor said...

The New Perspective on N.T Wright by D.A. Carson

David Castor said...

Or indeed The Even Newer Perspective on Paul by D.A. Carson and

Learning to Speak in the Vernacular by D.A. Carson.

David B. Hewitt said...

Well, I don't normally comment here, but here goes:

A Return to the Decalogue by Tom Wells

I'm Not a Calvinist, and I'm ANGRY About It! by Tom Ascol

The Message of the Apocrypha by Mark Dever

50 Reasons Jesus Had to Suffer: the correct understanding of the Atonement by John Piper

My Struggle Learning English by Merriam Webster

The Genre of Apocalyptic Symbolism in the Book of Revelation by John Walvoord and J. Dwight Pentecost

ok, that's enough. :)


Anonymous said...

OK, now that I have stopped laughing...

"The Biblical Case for Infant Baptism" by Frank Turk

Sorry, couldn't resist Frank. But at least I am using my real name now. As you suggested.

By His Grace and For His Glory,

Ricky R

BlackBaron said...

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Religious Fiction by Simcha Jacobovici and Charles Pellegrino

Caddiechaplain said...

Here's my take:

"Open confessions of a closet presuppositionalist" . . .by William Craig Lane, Norman Geisler, and J.P. Moreland.

"Why Am I Wright When Everybody Is Wrong?" by N.T. Wright

"Blessed Are the Profane!" by Mark Driscol

"Elvis Has Left The Church Building! by Rob Bell

philness said...

“The Day the Numbers Stopped” by Grant Jeffery

“The Devil Made Me Sign It” by Chuck Colson

“Lord, I’m Ready For A More Mature Flock Now” by Kenneth Copeland. Audio tape narrated by Jesse Duplantis.

Matt said...

Our Mother, Which Art in Heaven

Wayne Grudem

terriergal said...

Oh wow... what a great post! Thanks for the chuckles!

Margie Gary said...

You guys are too funny!

Here's mine:

My Purpose Driven Lies...The REAL Truth, by Rick Warren

The New Testament...It's Greek to Me, by Rob Bell

terriergal said...

"All Is Vanity and Striving After Wind"

by Rick Warren

GeneMBridges said...

Life in The Flesh - John Owen

All Means All: A Discourse on the Atonement: John Owen

Into All the World, A Theology of World Mission: John Brine and John Ryland Sr.

If You're Happy and You Know It: Thomas Merton

Do You Ever Shut Up?! Trappist Monks in Action: Thomas Merton

Two People, Two Plans: John Gerstner

I Ain't Tellin' Nobody Nothing! Augustine of Hippo

Freedom of Religion: King Charles II

Separation of Church & State Celebrated: Eusebius of Caesarea

The Sanctity of Marriage: King Henry VIII

Mrs. Jake said...

OK, I think I've checked this thread at least ten times today. Here in Mpls. it's been a welcome respite from a harrowing day of news, so thank you, all, for your wit! Keep 'em coming...

"Go Away, Holy Spirit" by Benny Hinn

"Fluffy Puppies" by Joel Rosenberg

"Marriage--Your Number One Ministry" by Ted Haggard

Stefan Ewing said...

One more and I call it a night. I just can't resist.

World's Greatest Icebreakers for Cocktail Parties by Abba Pachomius

David Castor said...

Karma Sutra for the Neutered by Origen

danielg said...

I'm not quite happy with the anti-charismatic strain of comments, but I guess to be expected from non-charismatic reformed types (as opposed to Charismatic Reformed, like me ;)

How about these retorts (just assume all are written by your favorite anti-charismatics and anti modern music preachers):

Creativity and freedom in worship

Religious No More: How the Holy Spirit uses contemporary forms of music, and why we resist it

Beauty and Truth: how the Charismatic movement singlehandedly revitalized modern worship

Why the record growth of Pentecostalism around the world is bad for Christendom

Freedom from man made yokes: Accepting modern English and music in our churches (esp. for you KJVO's)

Discord: How God has used Rick Warren to expand the Kingdom and why we were so quick to find fault

and my favorite:

Why rejecting speaking in tongues grieves the Holy Spirit by John MacArthur.

David Castor said...

Toleration of Dissenting Views by John Calvin

Why I Have the Deepest Respect for the Jews by Martin Luther

bassicallymike said...

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon
by Paula White

How To Keep From Burning Out
by Phil Johnson

Highland Host said...

'The New Perspective on N.T Wright' by The Apostle Paul

(with apologies to C.H. Spurgeon, who had a whole shelf of dummy books with amusing titles)

joey said...

"The Importance of Authorial Intent in Understanding a Text" Jaques Derrida

"Certainty: Its as Plain as the Nose on Your Face" David Hume

"Joy Inexpressable" Sartre

"Existenialsim Applied" Nietzsche

joey said...

"The Fine Art of Spellingg"

Kay said...

Dancing before the Lord: Disco tunes in the service of God by Peter Masters.

Jay said...

"Numbers Don't Matter"
George Barna

Tim Ashcraft said...

"Your Best Wife Now"
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A Baptist's Guide to a Vegan Diet (based on the practices of the late Jerry Falwell)

Why My Belief In Evil Proves the Existence of God: A Distillation of the Moral Argument by Christopher Hitchens

Down with Aloha Shirts! And Other Practices for Piety Driven Churches by Rick Warren

Why Political Office Doesn't Interest Me by Hillary Rodham

Solameanie said...

Is it possible that Dan has set a record comment number here? I seldom keep track, but this is approaching the 200 mark. Woo hoo.

Solameanie said...

Another question.

Philip has been conspicuously absent on this comment line. And I thought for SURE Pecadillo might chime in with something. Whazzup here?

Tim Ashcraft said...

"Together for the Gospel"
Hillary Clinton & Barak Obama

Unknown said...

"I kissed dispensationalism good-bye" by Lewis Sperry Chafer

"Our Heretics' Guide to Eternity" mp3s discussions produced by the White Horse Inn.

Props to sewing for one of my all time favorites:
The Feminine Divine in Ancient Mediterranean Culture by Mark Driscoll

What has been great is this humor has not 'targeted' any one person or group to be 'mean.'In fact, I dare say the Pyro Team has had quite the satires directed to them.

Laura said...

"Good Morning, Disembodied Entity Who Claims To Be the Holy Spirit!" by Benny Hinn

"I Thank God That I Speak In Tongues More than All of You" by John MacArthur

"The Left Foot of Disfellowship: Why Anyone Who Isn't Like Me Is Dangerous (and Probably Unregenerate, Too)" by the Southern Baptist Convention

"Unwashed Savages: Talking Down to the Global South Because We Know Better" by Katharine Jefferts Schori and Rowan Williams

"No Other Name: Why Christianity and Islam are Fundamentally Incompatible" by Rev. Ann Holmes Redding

"We Really DO Worship Mary" by Pope Benedict XVI

"Hell? YES!" by Clark Pinnock

Rhology said...

How I Learned to Balance Both Career and Blogging

by Pecadillo

Unknown said...

"Koans Made Clear" by the Dalai Llama

"Lost Christianity: My rediscovery of orthodox faith and Biblical inspiration" Bart Ehrman

"Believe It: A Biblical View of Faith." Elaine Pagels.

Anonymous said...

Darwin is My Homeboy by Kent Hovind

Getting More Horsepower from Your V-8 Engine by Ralph Nader

Decorating the Temple:A Photo Essay of Christian Tattoos by Phil Johnson

DJP said...

I think since the gutless grace comment thread Phil did, the Magic Number for me is now... over 400.

Stefan Ewing said...

Tim Bertolet:

Glad you like Driscoll's title. I thought that was my weakest one!

And I agree that the best thing is that that everyone can get on board with this and have fun with it. Even Calvinists need to spread a little love around once in a while! ;)

lawrence said...

"Charismatic Clarity" by John MacArthur

"The Theme of the Bible: Love" by John Piper

"I Kissed Courtship Goodbye" by Josh Harris

DJP said...

"I Kissed 'Tongues.' Goodbye!" by Josh Harris

Laura said...


the postmortem said...

The Vow of Jephthah: How to Unlock God's Blessing with Familial Sacrifice - Bruce Wilkinson

Hell: The Path is Broad - Joel Osteen

Isaiah 34: The LORD Throws Down - Max Lucado


joey said...

DJP said

"I Kissed 'Tongues.' Goodbye!" by Josh Harris-

The best one so far...classic

Matt said...

Creationism: The Myth Exposed

Ken Hamm (foreward by Kent Hovind)

Prison Break: Abandoning the Prison House of Reason

Ravi Zacharias & Norman Geisler

Orthopraxi: The Inextricable Link Between Capitalism and Godly Living

Alasdair MacIntyre

Matt said...

All to the Glory of God: Moving Away from an Optimistic View of Man

Robert Schuller with Joel Osteen

Matt said...

**************POST 200!**************


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