09 August 2007

God's loving patience

by Dan Phillips

God bore patiently with the mass of humanity in the ages before Christ. Now He has commissioned the word to all men, that all should repent. For the day is coming when He will judge the world through Jesus Christ, as His resurrection assures (Acts 17:30-31).

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donsands said...

It's amazing how patient He truly is with us. And me in particular. Always makes me think how impatient I am.

I thank the Lord for his patience with me, and for His granting me repentance.

Appreciate the good words.

Ron said...

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Marching To The Beat Of Modernity

Many Christian leaders today are being seduced by the beat of modernity to go through processes that change their churches into something that will find acceptance in their communities. They are making Christianity a consumer product where you can find “your best life now”. Sacrifice and discipline are unpopular. No more taking up the cross, but making sure everyone has a choice of experiences. The Christian life and testimony has been boiled down to imprinted tee shirts, colored bracelets, bumper stickers and decals. But are we so blind that we cannot see how catering to the cries for more relevance and a middle of the road type of compromise only added to more liberalism, it brought on neo evangelicalism and it is even now practicing to play taps over fundamentalism? (Oops, I know that is a name from which we try to distance ourselves.) We think that as long as we still have a creed, or affirm to a set of articles of faith, to identify us with our doctrinally sound predecessors and if we wave those as our banner, it means we are also doctrinally sound, safe from liberalism and still biblical. Get real! All of these groups that went down before had their creeds too. Christianity is supposed to be a way of life founded upon the Bible, upon sound doctrine. We say that the Bible is our absolute authority for all our faith and practice. But when we begin to change our way of thinking, our practice and our lives upon the whims and wishes of sinful people in our communities we are marching to that seductive beat of modernity. Many who base their loyalty upon the inerrant Word are living, ministering and marching like those who deny the Word. Just remember, you may be just the right CEO or top exec to sell your made – over, emerging, missional, catalytic, or new age church to your community. But Christ, Truth, the Gospel and Eternal Life are still not for sale. They cannot be marketed, even in this new day of modernity. We can only still find those in the same old fashioned way.


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DJP said...

A moose once bit my sister....

Daryl said...

That, Dan, was the perfect response. You summed him up perfectly.

Matt Gumm said...

I find myself wondering about what the basis is of God's patience with sin.

Is it knowledge of future judgment? Is there some facet of Christ's death that allows God to be patient even with the non-elect? Or is it love for the elect that stays His hand?

Daryl said...

Seems that even his patience with regards to judgement has more than one side:

Luke 12:49

"I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled!"

This verse doesn't help as far as why he is patient, but it does perhaps qualify his patience a little.

Stefan Ewing said...

Well, what's a couple of decades in an about-to-be-saved sinner's life, or a couple of millennia of social decadence for a universe that may be billions of years old* created by God who is eternal?

(*Or at least six thousand years old, if you're a Young Earth Creationist)

Strong Tower said...

Yes gummby. To all you said.

Romans 9.22 is an affirmative to all you've posited.

I like the answer that was given in an earlier post. God had promised an enumerable company of children around his throne, in Genesis to Abraham, as consumated in Revelation to John.

Beyond that, Sewing is right, that great patience toward his creation is another aspect of his love. It is eternal and infinite, and is especially grounded in the work of Christ on the behalf of the Elect. It is the basis of our confidence from Hebrews 12, that testifies that even in chastening we are being delighted in through his unending patience.